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Amethyst - 8.66 Carat



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Original Natural Amethyst weighing 8.66 Carat (9.63 ratti) From Brazil (IDT lab certified)


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Weight (Carat) : ct

Weight (Ratti) : rt

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Amethyst (Jamunia)

Amethyst is the violet-colored, semi-precious variation of the Quartz Family. It is one of the most popular gemstones due to its color and brilliance, which instantly appeal to customers. It is made up of distinct zones of darker to lighter hues. It is typically recommended for extraordinary growth in financial position and professional brilliance. It is also known as Jamunia, Kataila, and Amethystos, which means "not intoxicated" in ancient Greek, was thought to prevent drunkenness. Today, being the most valuable quartz variant, amethyst is in high demand for both designer and mass-market jewelry, and its purple to pastel tones have broad consumer appeal. Benefits: a)Financial Stability b) Cures Addiction c)Dissolves Negativity


Weight Carat:8.66

Weight Ratti: 9.63

Shape: Oval

Cut: Faceted

Certificate Type:IDT

Dimension: 15.96 X 10.82 X 8.26

Composition: Natural

Certificate Number: $1163949

Magnification : Feather Inclusions

Dimension Type: Not calibrated

Origin: Brazil

Based on 145 reviews
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Dr. Sunil Babu
March, 2024
Very good product, Good quality of low price
User Image
Diksha Jogi
March, 2024
Nice product
User Image
March, 2024
Loved the product. Promptly replies to query about the product and their services. God bless
User Image
Mohsin Unwala
February, 2024
Excellent service. Recieved a new ring with exact size and good finish and gem quality is also as mentioned.
User Image
Atesh Kuomar Sharma
February, 2024
purchased yellow sapphire and another keshi pear .. will share the effects after using it for some time . Good customer service.
User Image
Urmil Sharma
February, 2024
“I recently purchased a zircon gemstone and I’m absolutely thrilled with it! The clarity and sparkle are mesmerizing, and the color is stunning...”
User Image
Dipak Saha
February, 2024
100% genuine
User Image
February, 2024
I liked the Platform by every aspects.
User Image
Pragati Pradipti
Fbruary, 2024
Would recommend purchasing this definitely. Lovely piece.


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