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About Us

What is Pramogh?

Pramogh is a brand that sells precious and semi-precious gemstones sourced from mines all over the world. The name “Pramogh” is a combination of प्र (a Hindi prefix symbolizing progress) and Amogh (a Sanskrit word meaning infallible). The essence behind the brand is to provide our clients with an effective and infallible solution through the use of gemstones that are specifically curated to solve unique and individual problems and enable them to walk with us on the path of progress.

Every gemstone we provide has been subjected to a stringent selection process, that has been carried out with the expertise that we have acquired over the last five decades. We are proud of our expertise in bringing you products that are recommended by top astrologers, the ones which are able to meet the top parameters of the three C’s (Cut, Color, and Clarity).

Why Pramogh?

Certified Gems

In order to build trust and confidence among our esteemed clients, we promise to include a Free Gem Certification issued by an ISO Certified Gem Testing Laboratory with every product we sell, so that our customers can be absolutely sure about the authenticity and genuineness of the product.

Scientifically Tested

Pramogh sets itself apart by including the magnification attribute in every Gem Testing Report. Every product in our online store has been scientifically tested in a lab under a microscope so that we can accurately share the types of inclusions we can see in the magnified gem. 

Curated with Experience

With over five decades of expertise in the Gem industry, we have worked closely with Astro Consultants, Gem Therapists, and Reiki Healers throughout these years. Every gemstone that we sell has been subjected to a stringent selection process, beginning with sourcing the gem from the mines, then sorting the top quality ones, and finally curating them for various purposes such as astrological, ornamental, and healing purposes.

Effective & Infallible

We call Pramogh effective and infallible because each gem we provide has been specially curated to solve unique and individual problems using astrological conventions and channeling the cosmic energies. Our motto is "quality over quantity," and we work hard to ensure that you find this in every product we bring to you. Our gemstones meet all three C's (Cut, Color & Clarity) each and every time

Delivered with Care

Our products are packed with love, and delivered with utmost care.. Through Pramogh, we deliver happiness to your doorstep. Happiness comes in the form of personalized, solution-oriented, and expert-recommended gemstones.

Money-Back Guarantee

In the very unlikely event that you do not find our product impactful, we promise to refund your money subject to our terms and conditions. We have designed our "10 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy" in such a way that your money is safe and will be returned if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. It is as simple to purchase a product as it is to obtain a refund from us, whether you purchase a gemstone or a piece of jewelry.


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