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Catseye - 5.62 Carat


Origin: India

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Original Natural Catseye weighing 5.62 Carat (6.25 Ratti) From India (IDT lab certified)


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Catseye is a semi-precious stone controlled by the fictitious planet "Ketu." Known by the names like Lahsuniya, Vaidurya, Lasaniya, and Sutramani, the gemstone carries the bright lustre called Chatoyancy which is a brilliant strip of light across the surface of Cat's Eye. It is most commonly found in Chrysoberyl and Quartz minerals. It brings financial and professional growth, enhanced spirituality and inner serenity, and excellent health to the user. Benefits: 1. Unexpected Gains 2. Gives Wisdom, Luxury & Intuitive Powers 3. Stress Buster


Weight (Carat): 5.62

Weight (Ratti): 6.25

Shape: Oval

Cut: Cabochon

Certificate Type: IDT

Dimensions (mm): 10.47 x 9.78 x 7.86

Composition: Natural

Certificate Number: 1166502

Magnification : Needle Like Inclusions

Dimension Type: Not calibrated


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