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Blue Moonstone Gemstone


The gorgeous Blue Moonstone is a cosmic channel of feminine energy, new opportunities, Pure love, enormous growth, and solitude. It is a variety of orthoclase feldspar Moonstone. Blue Moonstone gemstone is known as Neela Chandramani and Chandrakant (Hindi), Sisira Kanta(Sinhalese), Blauer Mondstein(German), etc. This angelic gemstone has a white-bluish sheen and a unique adularescence effect, a unique optical effect where we can see blue, white, or pearly hues with a milky luster and moon-like bluish shimmer. Being the bestseller of the Blue Moonstone brand, is delighted to share every aspect of the phenomenal Blue Moonstone (Chandramani) gemstone price, benefits, quality, types, etc. We provide certified Blue Moonstone gemstones at affordable prices and exclusive discounts!

How to Wear Blue Moonstone:

  • Wear an original Blue Moonstone touching your skin to project its cosmic vibrations into your Chakras. 
  • Immerse the Neela Chandramani ring or pendant in Honey, curd, Ghee, raw cow milk, Gangajal, and Tulsi leaves for 10 minutes to cleanse and activate it. Remove the Blue Moonstone from this holy mixture, wash it with clean water, chant the given Moon-mantra, and wear that ring or pendant!


Glassy purity with a mobile, electric blue sheen.


It varies according to the wearer’s horoscope.


Males and females can wear the ring of Blue Moonstone on the ring finger of their working hand.


One should wear a Blue Moonstone pendant or necklace touching the skin.


Silver (recommended)


Chant the Mantra ‘Om Som Somaya Namah’ (ॐ सोम सोमाय नमः) for 108 times.

Zodiac Sign

Cancer and Pisces (in Vedic and Western astrology) and June-born people.

When to Wear Blue Moonstone:

Under proper astrological guidance, wear the blue Moonstone early in the morning on Friday during Shukla Paksha/ Waxing Moon. Ensure the planetary alignment of the ruling Moon is in the popper position in your horoscope while wearing the ring or pendant of the Neela Chandramani. Get a consultation from our top-notch astrologers to learn more about the original blue Moonstone gemstone's price, quality, and efficacy. 

Benefits of Blue Moonstone:

  • Blue Moonstone heals headaches, sinus pain, nausea, indigestion, and gas issues.
  • It regulates the digestive system, lymphatic system, immune system, etc. 
  • Its soothing energy aids issues in PMS, PCOS, PCOD, pregnancy, childbirth, post-partum depression, menopause, breastfeeding, menstrual cramps, bloating, irritability, and mood swings in females.
  • It escalates feminine energy, gracefulness, and fertility rates in females. 
  • It induces stability, emotional peace, and harmony to heal mental stress, depression, and anxiety. It diminishes aggression, fear, and grief from the mind.
  • It creates lucid dreaming and astral travel so that you can interpret your dreams after waking up.
  • It attracts compassion, true love, understanding, empathy, and companionship in relationships.
  • It helps business professionals in new growth opportunities, immense profits, and vast success.
  • It imparts creativity, logical thinking, rationality, and innovation to artists and students.
  • It is a protective Talisman for travelers to ward off the evil eye, harm, dangers, and accidents.
  • It awakens the Kundalini energy, develops psychic powers, connects you with the Higher consciousness, and enlightens your inner vision.
  • It activates the Crown and Sacral Chakras to facilitate grounding, emotional balance, and psychic insights.

Quality Factors of Blue Moonstone:

The Blue Moonstone's price and efficacy depend on its quality. Various kinds of Neela Chandrakany/ Moonstones are available online to buy according to their quality. Let’s see the quality determining factors to buy Blue blue Moonstones online or in-store: 


Sodium potassium aluminum silicate ((Na, K)AlSi3O8))


A vibrant blue color with an adularescent glowing sheen.


Eye-clear microscopic inclusions (fissures, centipedes, and needles).


This weight varies according to the wearer’s Horoscope.


Cabochon cut to elevate adularescence.


Pearly to the vitreous.


An unearthly glow of shimmering blue hues.




Translucent to opaque.


6- 6.5 Mohs Scale

Specific Gravity



Conchoidal, having a smooth break.

Refractive Index:

1.518 – 1.526

Different Types of Blue Moonstones:

The natural Blue Moonstone forms from Orthoclase and Albite, along with traces of quartz and mica. The sodium concentration in the Blue Moonstone affects its color. We must compare the respective varieties with Blue Moonstone gemstone price and quality. The types of Blue Moonstones are as follows:

  • Adularia Moonstone: This type of Blue Moonstone has a milky white to bluish-white base color with captivating adularescence of blue sheen. This blue sheen glides across the surface of this gemstone when seen from different viewing angles.
  • Rainbow Blue Moonstone: The variety of rainbow Blue Moonstones has milky white to translucent blue color with iridescent flashes of purple, violet, blue, green, orange, or pink. It creates a unique rainbow effect.
  • Cat's Eye Moonstone: This variety of Blue Moonstone has a bluish to grayish-white color with a mesmerizing chatoyant band that glides across its surface. It has fibrous inclusions that elevate the chatoyancy of this gemstone.
  • Blue Sheen Moonstone:  This variety of translucent to opaque Blue Moonstone is a type of Labradorite, a plagioclase feldspar mineral. It has high calcium, less sodium, and a blue sheen due to light interference over its surface.
  • Gray Moonstone: It has a higher concentration of sodium content than potassium, which induces opaqueness to this gemstone. It has a grayish blue to bluish white color with subtle and silvery adularescence. 

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Origin and Authenticity of Blue Moonstone:

  • Sources: The Meetiyagoda region of Sri Lanka and the Rajasthan and Karnataka states of India yield high-quality blue Moonstones. Its other prominent sources are the  Umba Valley of Tanzania, Australia, the United States of America, Madagascar, Brazil, and Myanmar(Burma).
  • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: Always buy Blue Moonstone from a trusted gemstone seller for authenticity. Laboratories like GIA, IGI, etc., stand for their reputation of authenticating gemstones. As the trusted Blue Moonstone-selling brand, sells only natural and certified Blue Moonstones at budget-friendly prices with assured quality testing, authenticity, and originality.

Blue Moonstone Jewellery:

The Moonstone is the most desired semi-precious gemstone for crafting elegant rings, bracelets, pendants, amulets, etc. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed it came to earth due to Moon rays and was associated with the Lunar deities. The Blue Moonstone carvings of cameos and intaglios have been famous in history. It has a spellbinding glaze of adularescence and diverse blue shades. Blue Moonstone is suitable for all kinds of jewellery to indicate sophistication, grace, and charm. It is an astrological substitute for Pearl gemstone. It is also a 13th-anniversary gemstone to symbolize strong bonds, romance, faith, and love! welcomes you to get the enchanting experience of Blue Moonstone at exciting prices and offers!

Pricing Insights of Blue Moonstone:

The original Blue Moonstone price differs according to its quality. The Blue Moonstone price in India depends on its quality determining factors. has explained these determining factors for Blue Moonstone price below:

  • Color: The finest quality Blue Moonstone is blue sheen with glassy purity and a mobile, electric blue shimmer, and gains the highest price compared to its other colors. Rainbow blue Moonstones are rare and expensive.
  • Cut: A well-polished and finely cut Cabochon of natural Blue Moonstone is more expensive than a non-faceted Blue Moonstone.
  • Carat: A high-carat weighing Blue Moonstone showcasing prominent features costs more than one with a lower carat weight.
  • Clarity: A transparent and inclusions-free natural Blue Moonstone gains a higher price for its quality and appearance. 
  • Adularescence: A Blue Moonstone having adularescence with a visible blue sheen from a different viewing angle is rare and more costly than its other types.
  • Treatments: Untreated, natural Blue Moonstone with a bluish sheen is rare and has more value than treated Blue Moonstone.
  • Origin:  An Indian and Sri Lankan Blue Moonstone costs more than its other origins due to their superior quality.

Care & Cleaning of Blue Moonstone:

The Blue Moonstone is moderately strong and needs timely care to keep it clean. When you buy Blue Moonstone online, follow these simple tips to sustain it for a longer duration:

  • Immerse the jewellery-crafted Blue Moonstone in warm and soapy water.
  • Remove it from the water, pat dry it with a lint-free clean cloth, and wear it again.
  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, harsh detergents, chemicals, etc., for cleaning the Blue Moonstone.

FAQs of Blue Moonstone: 

  1. Is the Blue Moonstone worth buying?

This gemstone is worth buying for calmness, peace, enhanced feminine energy, harmony, and rejuvenation. You can get beautiful color varieties to craft stunning Neela Chandramani ornaments and jewellery. The Blue moonstone price indicates its worth and effectiveness! 

  1. What makes the Blue Moonstone unique to buy?

This gemstone shows adularescence due to light scattering between microscopic layers of feldspar. This effect gives it a lustrous blue and milky sheen. Each type of Blue Moonstone has impactful astrological effects. All these features make the Blue Chandramani unique to buy. The Blue Moonstone price depends on its quality, features, and astrological benefits.

  1. Which type of Blue Moonstone is astrologically ideal for me?

Select a bluish, natural, and transparent Blue Moonstone with a distinct adularescence of electric blue sheen for astrological purposes. Decide the budget for your Blue Moonstone price and consult with an astrologer to check the suitability of Blue Moonstone according to your birth chart.

  1. Which color of Blue Moonstone is perfect for jewellery use?

A blue Chandramani exhibits a range of blue hues depending on its composition and quality. You can select any blue Moonstone color for crafting pretty jewellery. You can buy Blue Moonstone online or in-store from a trusted gemstone dealer.

  1. Why women should buy Blue Moonstones?

Natural Blue Moonstone heals issues like PCOD, PCOS, PMS, Menopause, post-partum depression, pregnancy complications, etc. Its soothing energy reduces menstrual discomfort, cramps, and pain. Blue Moonstone jewellery suits more to women more because of its minimal aesthetics.

  1. What makes the Blue Moonstone popular in jewellery?

The Chandramani is the best and most affordable substitute (Upratna) for the Moti-Pearl. Along with its appealing astrological benefits, the Blue Moonstone’s jewellery in silver base looks highly enchanting and gives a glamorous look. The bluish adularescence makes it highly desirable due to its unique appeal.

  1. Why is there a variation in the Blue Moonstone price?

The Blue Moonstone price varies according to originality, availability, and quality. The rainbow moonstones are relatively rare and cost more than other color variants of blue Moonstones. An original Blue Chandramani from Myanmar has a transparent blue glaze and is expensive.

  1. Which color of natural Blue Moonstone should I choose?

This gemstone comes in light to deep indigo-blue shades. You can select any shade of Blue Moonstone for jewellery. In astrological realms, the Blue Moonstone shows distinct benefits. Select the proper shade of Blue Chandramani with proper astrological consultation. Blue Moonstone prices change according to its color, hues, and appeal.

  1. Can I wear the original Blue Moonstone daily?

You can wear natural Chandramani jewellery every day. It gives a modern, minimal, and confident. Its soothing energies keep us calm, stable, and happy. Make sure to keep it away from scratches and damage. Always compare the quality to the original Moonstone price for a fair deal.

  1. How can I test the Blue Moonstone quality?

A natural Blue Moonstone gemstone shows an adularescence effect with a striking electric blue sheen. The thin layer of stacked orthoclase and albite diffracts light to create adularescence in Blue Moostone. It glows with a blue sheen when seen in direct sunlight. You can check the quality from a trusted gemologist or astrologer for assurance.

Why Pramogh? 

The blue Chandramani gemstone levitates divinity, illumination, guidance, affluence, and balance in life. Experience the cosmic bliss of the Blue Moonstone Gemstone. provides 100% original, quality-assured, and lab-certified Blue Moonstones online at budget-friendly prices. We aim to serve prompt astrological solutions to make your life hurdle-free.

Note:- In general, the Original Blue Moonstone price starts from INR 2400 ($28.91) to INR 2700 ($32.53) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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