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Blue Topaz Gemstone


The enchanting blue topaz is a renowned semi-precious tone that belongs to the Topaz mineral family. The Blue Topaz holds captivating celestial energies for harmony, communication, love, and inner intellect. This vivacious planet Saturn governs this gemstone for wisdom, growth, and serenity. This scintillating sky-blue gemstone is known as the ‘Gemstone of Clarity.’ As a bestselling Blue Topaz gemstone selling brand,  vows to explain the properties and necessary information of the Blue Topaz gemstone so that you can make an informed choice with the best deals!

How to Wear Blue Topaz Gemstone:

  • Wear a flawless, icy blue colored and original Blue Topaz gemstone so that it touches your skin to experience its potent energy vibrations.
  • Dip the Blue Topaz gemstone ornament (ring, pendant, etc.) in raw cow milk and Gangajal to cleanse. Remove it from this mixture, and pat dry it. Chant the given mantra to seek blessings and wear it. 


Sky blue to inky blue (deep blue)


It varies from one’s astrological birth chart.


Wear its ring on the index finger of the dominant hand.


Wear its pendant or a necklace touching your skin.


Gold, Silver, Copper, or Panchdhatu.


Chant ‘Om Shan Shanishcharay Namah (ऊँ शं शनैश्च-चराये नमः) 108 times

Zodiac Sign

Aquarius (Vedic astrology); Sagittarius (Western astrology)

When to Wear Blue Topaz Gemstone?

Wear a ring or pendant of Blue Topaz gemstone around 5 AM -7 AM on Saturday of Shukla Paksha, aligning with the proper planetary positions of Saturn in the horoscope. Always wear it under astrological guidance. Being the Blue Topaz gemstone bestselling brand, encourages you to get a proper astrological consultation for its full benefits and results after wearing it.

Benefits of Blue Topaz Gemstone:

  • It strengthens true love, care, and compassion for your life partner.
  • It protects from dangers, illness, accidents, and negative energies.
  • It accelerates creativity, communication, innovation, and clarity of mind.
  • It boosts manifestation power to achieve your desires and goals.
  • It aids insomnia, stress, anxiety, and ailments of the kidney, heart, immune system, etc.
  • The administration, law, and governance professionals can wear this gemstone for analysis, discipline, and ideal actions.
  • It eases life hurdles and problems during Shani Mahadasha (the planetary period of Saturn planet). 
  • It fosters luck, joy, affluence, and courage for overall well-being.
  • It activates the Throat Chakra to enhance creativity, self-expression, mental stability, etc.
  • It caters to divine peace, faith, tranquility, and bliss.
  • It makes us more spiritually aware and guides us to the path of divinity.
  • It raises the spiritual consciousness to connect ourselves with higher beings of the divine world.

Quality of Blue Topaz Gemstone:

A natural Blue Topaz gemstone is sparkling, clear, spotless, blue-colored, and rare. Blue Topaz's price determines its quality and efficacy. Let's see the ideal quality factors for this marvelous gemstone below:


Silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine; Al2SiO4(F, OH)2


Light blue to deep blue


Transparent with minimal Inclusions (Flawless)


8 Mohs scale (Strong)

Refractive Index


Specific Gravity











Oval, pear, triangular, circular, etc.

Types of Blue Topaz Gemstones:

According to GIA, the White Topaz gemstone undergoes an irradiation process to gain stability and intense blue color. It shows versatile shades due to aluminum, fluorine, and some impurities with distinct concentrations in the silicate mineral. When you buy blue topaz online, you must know its types for better selection, such as follows:

  • Pale Sky Blue Topaz: This type of Blue Topaz gemstone has a blue hue resembling the color of the daytime sky.
  • Cool Swiss Blue Topaz: These irradiated Blue Topaz gemstones have an intense blue color that resembles the color of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Deep London Blue Topaz: This Blue Topaz gemstone variety is well-saturated and has an intense blue color with a bluish-green hue. 
  • Origin and Authenticity of Blue Topaz:

    • Sources: Brazil is a prominent source of the best quality Blue Topaz. Its other sources are India, The United States, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa.
    • Gemstone Certification’s Necessity: Always buy an original and reputed lab-certified Blue Topaz gemstone from a trusted dealer to avoid any scam deal. is a trusted supplier of original and certified gemstones.  Buy the dazzling Blue Topaz with assured quality and a reputed lab certificate from our online store for beneficial deals and offers!

     Blue Topaz Gemstone’s Jewellery:

    The Blue Topaz solitaire engagement rings are known for their classy azure hues and elegant looks. It is a gemstone of the 4th marriage anniversary to memorize love and joy for each other. Being the largest Blue Topaz found in history, the ‘Brazilian Princess Blue Topaz’ at the American Museum of Natural History in New York weighs 21,005 carats. With a hardness of 8 Mohs scale, enchanting vibes, and brilliant cuts, this angelic gemstone marks its glory in the gemstone industry for its alluring style! Many modern women and brides opt for this charming blue gemstone in their wedding band or ring for a unique and vintage look!

    Also, go through our beautiful collection of gemstones. Shop gemstones with guided astrological consultations at! We are always there to serve your astrological and jewellery needs.

    Pricing Factors of Blue Topaz Gemstone:

    The original Blue Topaz gemstone’s price depends on its features and quality. Let’s see the pricing factors of Blue Topaz gemstone according to its quality as below:

  • Color:  An intense, deep, uniform blue color of Blue Topaz is considered a good quality factor and fetches a higher price.
  • Clarity: Blue Topaz gemstone has grade 1 clarity. It is naturally transparent, inclusion-free, and brilliant in appearance. A highly transparent sparkling Blue Topaz gains a higher price than one with any spots, fractures, or blemishes on the surface.
  • Carat: The price of the original Blue Topaz gemstone increases with its carat weight. 
  • Shape: The oval and pear shapes give an alluring brilliance to Blue Topaz and get a higher value than other shapes.
  • Treatments: An untreated natural Blue Topaz gemstone with top-notch quality is rare and is costlier than a treated one.
  • Origin:  The Brazilian Blue Topaz gemstone is the most expensive due to its high quality of color, carat, and clarity.
  • Care & Cleaning of Blue Topaz Gemstone:

    The Blue Topaz is durable because of its 8 Mohs scale Hardness. Preserve the Blue Topaz for a longer time after you buy it. Follow these gentle tips to sustain your Blue Topaz:

    • Wipe your Blue Topaz gemstone with a wet cloth to clean the dirt on its surface.
    • You can immerse it in mild detergent for deep cleaning.
    • Avoid dipping it in harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, steamers, and abrasives.
    • When not in use, store the Blue Topaz in a velvet-lined box to avoid scratches on its surface.

    FAQs of Blue Topaz Gemstone:

    1. Why is there a significant price difference for Blue Topaz?

    The price of Blue Topaz gemstone varies according to its quality. Natural Blue Topaz with perfect quality color has a higher cost than a treated one. Treated Blue Topaz are irradiated to get an intense blue color that gets reduced on heat exposure.

    1. How crucial are color and origin for choosing a Blue Topaz gemstone?

    The quality of Topaz's original gemstone plays a vital role in selection. A natural blue topaz with its blue color is sourced majorly from Brazillian mines and has the finest quality in the world. 

    1. Why should you buy a Blue Topaz gemstone?

    You should buy a natural Topaz gemstone for its benefits of divine guidance, success, calmness, extraordinary growth, wealth, protection, enthralling charm, and clarity. This angelic gemstone will expand your higher consciousness, strengthen and heal your Chakras, and guide you to your overall well-being.

    1. Why does the original Blue Topaz gemstone price is high?

    The best Blue Topaz origin is Brazil, a primary source of the best quality natural Blue Topaz. The original Blue Topaz has a natural lifelong blue color, sharp brilliance, superfine transparency, and durability. All these properties make it rare and highly desirable. It becomes expensive to buy Blue Topaz with the finest quality.

    1. Does the shape of the Blue Topaz gemstone affect its astrological benefits?

    The shape of the Blue Topaz gemstone does not affect its astrological benefits. Due to their columnar structures, oval and pear-shaped Blue Topaz gemstones are more favorable than other shapes for attractive light reflections and phenomenal looks.

    1. Can I gift my spouse a Blue Topaz gemstone ring or bracelet?

    Yes, the Blue Topaz symbolizes the soothing flow of love and bliss like the waves of a blue ocean. You can buy the Blue Topaz precious gemstone for your 4th anniversary to express your commitment, faith, and bond for each other.

    1. What carat of Blue Topaz gemstone should I buy?

    The specific carat weight of Blue Topaz is dependent on the wearer’s astrological requirement of the birth chart. Consult an astrologer before buying a Blue Topaz gemstone. offers to buy Blue Topaz gemstones online, starting from 4.8 carats.

    1. What are the parameters for Blue Topaz color for astrological purposes?

    Always consult an astrologer when purchasing a Blue Topaz gemstone. Opt for a deep blue colored, transparent, blemish-free, highly polished, brilliantly sparkling, well-faceted, and suitable carat of certified original Blue Topaz to gain maximum astrological benefits.

    1. Is Blue Topaz suitable for all jewellery types?

    The natural Blue Topaz color, shine, and luster make it highly desirable for crafting elegant rings, bracelets, and pendants. It is porous and soft. Its hardness of 8 Mohs scale makes it highly durable for long-term use. The Blue Topaz gemstone price for jewellery depends on 4Cs like color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. 

    1. Can Blue Topaz help in Shani Mahadasha?

    The original Blue Topaz is the astrological alternative gemstone to Blue Sapphire for the same metaphysical properties. As per Vedic astrology, it helps to reduce struggles, hurdles, and accidents during the planetary period of Saturn planet and invites peace, stability, and balance in life.

    Why Pramogh?

    Pramogh offers the best quality Blue Topaz Gemstones at budget-friendly prices, with proper astrological guidance, timely delivery, and legal gemstone certification. This divine gemstone will usher your life with peace, emotional stability, revitalization, success, joy, compassion, and spiritual awareness!

    Note:- In general, the Original Blue Topaz stone price starts from INR 700 ($8.43) to INR 2000 ($24.11) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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