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Blue Zircon Gemstone


The Blue Zircon captivates divine bliss, joy, calmness, serenity, success, and harmony. This transparent, light-dispersable, slightly radioactive semi-precious gemstone has lustrous appeal, glittering brilliance, and divine astrological impacts. It is the most popular and expensive among all Zircons. The word ‘zircon’ is derived from the Persian word ‘zargun’ meaning golden-hued. In Vedic astrology, Blue Zircon is called ‘Neela Jarkan’ or ‘Nila Jerkan’ (Hindi). The Blue Zircon works under Venus and Saturn planets. It is an astrological substitute of Diamonds and Blue Sapphires. As the bestseller of Blue Zircon gemstones, promises to share everything about the Blue Zircon gemstone price, efficacy, quality, etc., with you so that you can make the right choice in buying this gemstone. We ensure the highest quality with affordable Blue Zircon prices in India.

How to Wear Blue Zircon Gemstone:

  • Wear a flawless Blue Zircon gemstone touching your skin to channel its divine vibrations into your aura.
  • Immerse the Neela Jarkan gemstone’s ring, pendant, etc., in Tulsi leaves, raw cow milk, and Gangajal (holy water) for cleansing. Remove it from this mixture and pat it dry. Chant the given Mantra, and wear this gemstone. 


Medium blue to deep dark Blue.


It varies for each individual according to the astrological horoscope.


Wear its ring on the middle finger of the working hand. 


Wear a pendant or necklace of Blue Zircon touching your skin.


Silver (recommended)


Chant the Saturn Mantra: Om Sham Shanicharaye Namah(ॐ शं शनिचराये नमः) for 108 times.

And chant the Venus Mantra: Om Shum Shukraya Namah(ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः)for108 times.

Zodiac Sign

Taurus and Libra (in Vedic astrology), Virgo and Capricorn (in Western astrology), and ascendants of Gemini and Aquarius. 

When to Wear Blue Zircon Gemstone:

Wear the original  Neela Jarkan gemstone from 5-7 am on the Friday or Saturday morning of Shukla Paksha or waxing Moon aligning with the planetary positions of the ruling planets, Venus or Saturn, respectively. Chant the respective Mantras properly for these two planets under astrological guidance. You can take consultations from our experienced astrologers and explore our range of Blue Jarkan gemstones for versatile options at budget-friendly prices!

Benefits of Blue Zircon Gemstone:

  • It enhances your passion for your work, bestows focus, growth, and vision to achieve your goals, and establishes discipline and determination.
  • It escalates financial growth, affluence, prosperity, new business opportunities, and income flow.
  • It protects against the evil eye, harm, accidents, negativity, dangers, psychic attacks, severe illnesses, etc.
  • It bestows calmness, tranquility, and stability of mind to heal stress, anxiety, depression, and overthinking.
  • It heals asthma, skin disorders, respiratory disorders, digestive issues, infertility, allergies, hormonal imbalances, etc.
  • It bestows self-confidence, clarity of thought, higher self-esteem, and courage.
  • It increases luxury, status. comfort, and fame.
  • It enhances love, understanding, faith, passion, and harmony in marriage.
  • It levitates creativity, rational thinking, self-expression, communication, and concentration.
  • It activates the Crown Chakra for awakening untapped intellect and higher spiritual connection with supreme beings.
  • It makes you spiritually active for intuitions, psychic insights, and enlightenment.

Top Qualities of Blue Zircon Gemstones:

Various types of Blue Jarkan gemstones are available online to buy. This Blue Zircon gemstone price differs according to its quality. Let’s explore the quality-determining factors to buy the best Blue Zircon gemstone: 


Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4)


Light sky blue to deep ocean blue.


Eye clean, minimal Type 1 inclusions, and excellent brilliance,


This weight varies according to the wearer’s astrological requirements.


Round, oval, and cushion shape with mixed cuts


Vitreous to adamantine


6.5-7.5 Mohs scale

Specific Gravity


Refractive Index






Different Types of Blue Zircon Gemstones:

The Blue Jarkan gemstones belong to the neo silicates mineral family and are a great source of Zirconium metal. They form in igneous rock, such as granites and metamorphic rock. Almost all Zircons are heat treated to gain the vivid blue color. We have enlisted some common types to make your decision easy when you buy Blue Zircon gemstones online or in-store:

  • Sky Blue Zircon: Uranium or Thorium can replace the Zirconium atoms in crystal lattice due to radiation-induced color centers and impart blue coloration.
  • Aquamarine Blue Zircon: This Ice Blue Zircon resembles the Aquamarine gemstone, except it has more flashes. It comes in pale blue to medium pastel blue with a slight greenish tinge.
  • Starlite Zircon: This type mainly contains zirconium silicate with some impurities that impart the green tinge with enchanting blue radiance.
  • Sapphire Blue Zircon: This variety of blue Zircon has a deep ocean-like dark blue color and excellent clarity, which resembles the precious Blue Sapphire gemstone.
  • Electric Blue Zircon: This variety of Blue Zircons has an electric blue hue with a dazzling sheen. 
  • Teal Blue Zircon: This variety of Blue Zircon has a uniform blue color with a green overtone.
  • Cambolite: It is a variety of Blue Zircon from Cambodia, the world’s largest source of high-quality Blue Zircon.

Buy Blue Zircon gemstones online from our store to fulfill your astrological and jewellery needs. also presents a stunning collection of gemstones with jaw-dropping offers! 

Origin and Authenticity of Blue Zircon Gemstone:

  • Sources: The best Natural Blue Zircon gemstones are from Sri Lanka, the Ratanakiri region in Cambodia, and Thailand. Its other prominent sources are Mozambique,  Burma (Myanmar), Australia, Tanzania, South Korea, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, and regions of  North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, and Massachusetts in the USA.
  • Gemstone Certification’s Necessity: Some people sell duped copies of imitated Blue Zircon at low prices. One should always buy an original and certified Blue Zircon gemstone from a trusted seller. GIA, IGS, etc., are the reputed labs for authenticating all gemstones. You can avail the finest quality and astrologically guided, certified, and natural Blue Zircon gemstones at, with exciting deals and offers!

Blue Zircon Gemstone Jewellery:

This beautiful gemstone exhibits light dispersion and double refraction. This process creates dual facets in its internal parts for higher brilliance. This 4.4 billion-year-old gemstone is one of the most ancient gemstones ever known. It was the most popular gemstone for English estate jewellery during the Victorian era in the 1800s. Queen Victoria wore this gemstone in her signature jewellery pieces.

Blue Jarkan contains traces of Uranium and Thorium, which makes it partly radioactive. It causes alteration of color when they come in heat or light exposure (tenebrescence). This phenomenon makes it more desirable for rafting jewellery. It is a birthstone of December and an economical substitute for diamond and blue sapphire jewellery. It is also a 4th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Pricing Factors of Blue Zircon Gemstone:

The price of Blue Zircon gemstone varies according to its quality factors such as color, clarity, carat, etc. Always go through the quality determining factors when you buy blue Zircon gemstones online or in-store:

  • Color:  It comes in shades from light blue to dark blue. But the vivid dark Blue Zircon is preferred and has a higher price.
  • Clarity: Blue Jarkan gemstone naturally comes with a few inclusions. A Blue Zircon with zero inclusions and the finest clarity has a higher price.
  • Carat: A Natural Blue Zircon gemstone's price increases with its carat weight due to its alluring appearance and rarity.
  • Treatments: All Blue Jarkans undergo heat treatments for stability of color. Finding an untreated Blue Zircon is rare and is more expensive than treated Blue Zircon gemstone.
  • Origin:  The Sri Lankan (Ceylon) and Cambodian (Ratanakiri ) Blue Zircon gemstones cost more due to their finest quality than other origins.

Care & Cleaning Tips for Blue Zircon Gemstone:

The Blue Zircon gemstone is comparatively durable due to its 6-7.5 Mohs scale hardness. It needs timely care to preserve its effectiveness. Follow these easy cleaning tips after you buy Zircon gemstone: 

  • Dip the Blue Jarkan gemstone in warm and soapy water for cleaning. 
  • Clean its grimes with a soft-bristled toothbrush gently.
  • Pat it dry with a soft and lint-free cloth.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals, detergents, chlorides, steamers, or ultrasonic cleaners to avoid damage.

FAQs of Blue Zircon Gemstone: 

  1. Why should one buy a Blue Zircon gemstone?

The Blue Jarkan has phenomenal timeless looks, exquisite brilliance, and vibrant astrological benefits that resemble Diamonds and Blue Sapphire. It imparts wisdom, joy, prosperity, growth, and harmony. It works under two planets, Venus and Saturn. Hence, the wearer can get double astrological benefits due to the energy of these two planets.

  1. What is the ideal carat weight to buy Blue Zircon?

The carat weight depends on one's astrological requirements according to his birth chart. Get an astrological consultation before buying this gemstone to get prolonged benefits. Check for blue zircon gemstone price with its carat weight. has a beautiful collection of natural Blue Zircon gemstones starting from 3 carats.

  1. Can I buy an original Blue Zircon gemstone with less carat weight?

You can buy a low-carat Blue Jarkan gemstone of any carat weight for jewellery purposes. For astrological purposes, consult an astrologer to decide the carat weight and buy Blue Zircon. 

  1. Which parameter should I seek before buying a Blue Zircon gemstone?

Select an original Blue Zircon gemstone with high transparency, minimal inclusions, superfine brilliance, proper cuts, and optimum carat weight for astrological purposes. You can buy the Blue Zircon of your choice for jewellery purposes. Ensure the authenticity and quality with the price of Blue Zircon gemstone.

  1. Can Blue Zircon help in Shani Saadesaati?

Saturn planet rules the Blue Jarkan Gemstone. It helps to ease life and recover from the planetary period of Saturn of 7.5 years (Saadesaati). Blue Zircon protects you from harm, accidents, illness, misfortune, etc., during this period.

  1. Can I receive the blessings of Venus after wearing the Blue Zircon?

Venus imparts luxury, balance, comfort, and peace in life. It uplifts creativity, prosperity, and abundance. Wear a light blue Zircon resembling Diamonds under astrological supervision to get blessings of Venus.

  1. Why is there a fluctuation in Blue Zircon's price?

The Zircons come in vibrant colors, from light blue to deep blue. Blue Zircon gemstone price in India depends on its transparency, inclusions, cut, shades, etc. You can buy cheaper or costlier Blue Zircon according to your choice, purpose, and budget. 

  1. How will I know that my Blue Zircon gemstone is working?

Once you buy Blue Zircon gemstone, it will show its astrological effects in a week or two. You may experience a good flow of divine energy, easy money flow, and stability when you wear it after activation. Ensure the natural Blue Zircon price with its trueness to gain maximum benefits.

  1. Should I buy Blue Zircon or Diamonds?

The Diamond is a luxurious and precious gemstone. It has impressive astrological benefits, quality, and price. A light Blue Zircon is a substitute (Upratna) for the Diamond. It has a cheaper price than Diamonds. Both show similar results under the ruling planet Venus. You can buy Blue Zircon gemstones or Diamonds according to your needs, budget, and quality preferences.

  1. Why is it important to buy a Blue Zircon gemstone?

This enticing gemstone blesses us with harmony,  balance, a happy marriage, and revitalized health. You should buy this gemstone for enormous monetary profits, honesty, peace, and divinity. Assure the Blue Zircon gemstone price with its quality while buying.

Why Pramogh? 

Natural Blue Jarkan gemstone attracts success, intellect, balance, peace, harmony, tranquility, and abundance. As the best Blue Zircon gemstone-selling brand in India, invites you to get insights about Blue Zircon Gemstone (Neela Jarkan) for the celestial blessings of success, divinity, and affluence. We sell high-quality and original Blue Jarkan gemstones at affordable prices, with dedicated astrological support and quick delivery!

Note:- In general, the Original Blue Zircon stone price starts from INR 3000 ($36.11) to INR 4500 ($54.16) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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