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Ceylonese Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone


The spiritual energies of the Ceylonese Gomed gemstone remove obstacles, illness, Rahu Dasha, and self-doubts. Its celestial energies bring illumination, prosperity, transformation, rejuvenation, liveliness, and divine joy. Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed is known for its intense reddish honey-orange color, exquisite brilliance, excellent scintillation (play of light), and spiritual powers. This gemstone is also known as Cinnamon stone, Gomed, Gomedhaka, Gomedhaka, Cylon Hessonite, etc. It is a grossular form of Garnet gemstone. Ceylonese Gomed gemstone is a popular gemstone from Sri Lanka for its mystical energies. Being a Cylon Hessonite Gomed bestseller brand,  Pramogh vows to inform you of all the attributes of the beloved Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed gemstone price, benefits, types, quality features, etc. so that you can make an informed choice when you Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone online or in-store. 

How to Wear Ceylonese Hessonite-Gomed gemstone:

  • Wear a sparkling Ceylonese Gomed gemstone touching your skin to channel its divine energies into your chakras.
  • Dip the Ceylonese Gomed gemstone in raw milk, Gangajal, honey, and Tulsi leaves for cleansing and activation. Remove it from this holy mixture, wash it with Gangajal, chant the mantra to seek blessings, and wear it.


Brown-red Cinnamon or Deep Honey Color.


It varies for each individual according to his birth chart.


Wear a Cylon Hessonite ring on the Middle Finger of the working hand.


Wear a Cylon Gomed pendant touching your skin.


Silver metal.


Chant the mantra Om Rang Rahave Namaha (ॐ रां राहवे नमः) 108 times.

Zodiac Sign

Taurus and Libra (Vedic) and Aquarius (Western)

When to Wear Ceylonese Hessonite Gemstone:

Wear this gemstone from 5-7 am on a Saturday, preferably before noon. One should ensure that the planetary positions of the Rahu planet are at the correct place in the horoscope to gain the celestial blessings of the Ceylonese Gomed gemstone! provides the best quality Cylon Hessonite gemstone at budget-friendly prices with accurate astrological consultation from our highly experienced astrologers.

Benefits of Ceylonese Gomed Gemstone:

  • The Gomed gemstone protects against negativity, harm, accidents, misfortune, and dangers.
  • It is a protective Talisman in many cultures to chase away evil energies. 
  • Its gentle healing energies cure skin disorders, improve eyesight and metabolism, and heal nervous system disorders and gastric issues.
  • It gives instant relief from mental stress and conditions like emotional instability, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.
  • It attracts abundance, wealth, and easy money flow to flourish your life. 
  • It provides stability, grounding, happiness, and peace to nurture your life with fulfillment.
  • It strengthens concentration, determination, focus, and intellect. 
  • It improves decision-making skills, creative thinking, memory, and analytical thinking.
  • It bestows financial prosperity, new income opportunities, monetary success, and fame for business professionals and politicians. 
  • Its energies resolve marital conflicts to improve harmony, trust, compassion, understanding,  pure love, and loyalty. 
  • It helps to recover from Rahu Mahadasha and eases hurdles and problems during that period.
  • It activates the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra) to boost courage, wellness, affluence, self-esteem, willpower, and motivation.
  • It guides us to build our spiritual connection to the higher consciousness. It lets go of our attractions and attachments.

            Quality of Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed Gemstone:

            Different varieties of Ceylonese Hessonite gemstones are available to buy online. The quality determines the Ceylon Gomed gemstone price, sustainability, and efficacy. Go through these quality-determining factors before you buy Ceylonese Hessonite gemstones online or in-store. 


            Calcium aluminum silicate(Ca3 Al 2 {SiO4}3).


            Deep honey to Deep Reddish-Brown, resembling cow’s urine color.


            Round, pear, square, oval, cushion, etc.


            It should have zero or minimal inclusions.


            It varies according to the wearer’s astrological requirements.


            Vitreous to resinous


            6.5 to 7.5 Mohs scale

            Specific Gravity

            3.40 to 3.69

            Refractive Index

            1.72 to 1.75.




            Transparent to Translucent

            Varieties of Ceylonese Hessonite-Gomed Gemstone:

            Cylon Gomed gemstone is known for its excellent color, transparency, and higher astrological efficacy. It has fascinating tinges of brown and red color due to the presence of iron and manganese. Ceylonese Gomed also has traces of apatite, calcite, diopside, spinel, and zircon. When you buy Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed, go through its types such as:

            • Deep orange Hessonite: These Hessonite gemstones have a deep and uniform fiery orange color due to the high amount of Iron impurities and high transparency.
            • Brownish-Red Hessonite: These Hessonite Gomed gemstones have a brownish-red or reddish-brown color with lighter caramel tones, deeper reddish hues, and orange or yellow undertones. 
            • Calcium-rich Hessonite: This variety has a balanced composition of calcium, aluminum, and other trace elements. They have r more translucent appearance than an iron-rich Hessonite. It shows the ‘heat-wave’ or ‘whisky in water’ effect. Such Hessonite gemstone shows a roiled appearance of water in its core.

            Buy the best quality Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed online from We also provide an exquisite variety of original gemstone collections for your astrological and jewellery needs. Get gemstones at affordable prices with an assured guarantee at

            Origin and Authenticity of Ceylonese Hessonite Gemstone:

            • Sources: The original and best quality Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone originates in the Nivitigala region, Sabaragamuwa Province, Balangoda area, and Kuruvita region of the ‘City of Gems’, the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka. The Elahera area of Central Sri Lanka also provides good-quality Hessonite gemstones.
            • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: Ceylon Hessonite gemstone naturally does not need any treatment. Hence, its price is comparatively higher.  Some people may sell its duped copies from colored glass, quartz, etc., at lower prices. Always purchase the original Hessonite gemstone with a reputed laboratory certificate like GIA, IGI, etc., to avoid any scam deal. As a trustworthy Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed gemstone-selling brand, only sells high-quality, authentic, and lab-certified Ceylon Hessonite gemstones at economical prices. 

            Ceylonese Hessonite-Gomed Gemstone Jewellery:

            The mystical properties and earthy, dusty, and autumnal tones make Hessonite a timeless jewel.  Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans revered this gemstone for jewellery, cameos, and sculptures. Its name comes from the Greek word esson, meaning inferior, relating to its lower quality and density than Garnet. Ceylonese Gomed is known for its high clarity, brilliant coloration, heat-wave effect, and superfine brilliance. It comes in diverse sizes, from small accent stones to larger tumbles in jewellery designs. It is a January birthstone and gemstone for the 2nd and 18th wedding anniversary. Also, Hessonite is an alternative gemstone/ Upratna for Garnet gemstone. These parameters make it the most coveted gemstone for gem traders and jewellery designers.‘

            Pricing Insights of Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed Gemstone:

            The Ceylon Gomed gemstone price varies as per its quality and efficacy. Explore these price-determining factors when you buy Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed gemstones online or in-store.

            • Color: A Natural Ceylonese Gomed gemstone with a pure reddish-brown color and excellent heat wave effect is rare and costs more.
            • Carat: A well-faceted original Cylon Gomed has high value for its stunning appearance and rarity.
            • Clarity: A Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone with minimum inclusions has a higher price due to its rarity and high demand.
            • Treatments:  A natural Sri Lankan Hessonite has more celestial properties, high-quality physical features, and a premium price. It usually does not need any treatment. 
            • Origin:  A Ceylonese Gomed gemstone from the Ratnapura district in Sri Lanka has a higher value than its other origins in Sri Lanka due to its best quality and rarity.

            Care & Cleaning of Ceylonese Gomed Gemstone:

            The Ceylonese Hessonite gemstones need gentle care. Follow the given tips to clean your Cylon Gomed and preserve it as brand new for a longer time:

            • Clean the dirt and grime on the Ceylonese Hessonite with a soft cloth and put it in a soapy-warm water bowl for 30 minutes.
            • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the surface stains.
            • Pat it to dry with a soft cloth.
            • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, or ultrasonic cleaners to avoid damage.
            • Store it in a soft velvet-lined box when not in use.

            FAQs of Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed Gemstone: 

            1. Why should one buy Ceylonese Gomed gemstone?

            One should buy Gomed because it brings pure happiness, wealth, stability, harmony, spiritual growth, wisdom, and clarity. It protects us from negativity, depression, and financial blocks. It recovers us from Rahu Dasha.

            1. How do I identify the original Ceylonese Gomed Gemstone while buying?

            The Ceylonese hessonite gemstones have a pure orangish brown or brownish-red color with an orange or yellow undertone. It shows anomalous double refraction and distinguishing scintillation (play of light) of earthy undertones. It shows the whirling of reddish or orangish tinges in the honey background. This phenomenon is known as the ‘Whisky in Water, or heatwave effect.

            1. How do you ensure that Ceylonese Hessonite suits you?

            Always consult with an experienced astrologer before wearing a Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone. Look for any exceptional changes happening after wearing this gemstone. The Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone is suitable if you resonate with that positive and warm energy. 

            1. How crucial are clarity and color when selecting a  Ceylonese Gomed gemstone?

            When you buy an original Ceylonese Gomed gemstone online or in-store, authenticate its originality first from a gemologist or astrologer. Select a honey-colored, highly transparent, well-faceted, and inclusion-free Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone for astrological purposes. You can choose any shade, clarity, and shape of Ceylonese Gomed for jewellery use.

            1. How many carats of Ceylonese Hessonite should you purchase?

            Ideally, astrologers suggest the carat weight of the Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone according to your Hororscopic requirements. Meanwhile, you can choose any carat for Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone for your jewellery needs. has an excellent variety of Cylon Gomed gemstones ranging from 2 carats to 11 carats.

            1. Who can buy Ceylonese Hessonite gemstones?

            The January-born people and people of Taurus, Libra, and Aquarius signs can buy the Ceylonese Gomed gemstone online or in-store to get its astrological benefits. Wear it under astrological guidance for longevity, wealth, and success. You can buy it for your 2nd and 18th wedding anniversary to memorize the love, joy, faith, and commitment for your partner.

            1. Is it worth purchasing a Ceylon Hessonite gemstone for ease in Rahu Dasha?

            The Rahu Dasha stays for fourteen years in life. The planetary positions of Rahu are unfavorable in this period. The Ceylonese Hessonite nullifies the malefic effects of Rahu planet in Rahu Dasha for its wearer to ease his life from troubles, struggles, hurdles, accidents, illnesses, and misfortunes.

            1. When will I experience the astrological effects of Ceylonese Hessonite gemstone?

            The Cylon Hessonite gemstone takes 14 days to showcase its astrological effects after you wear it. You may experience harmony with financial upliftments, safety, etc.

            1. Can one buy Ceylonese Hessonite instead of Garnet?

            Both gemstones exhibit similar qualities, colors, and celestial powers. The original Garnet costs so much for its dominance in quality and efficacy. One can buy Ceylonese Hessonite instead of Garnet for astrological benefits and jewellery purposes at comparatively lower prices than Garnet.

            1. Why is the Ceylonese Gomed gemstone price high?

            The Sri Lankan Hessonite/ Ceylon Gomed is superior in quality and rich in color. This magnificent gemstone heals the ill effects of Rahu Mahadasha to make the wearer’s life stable and trouble-free. This gemstone costs more for its spiritual importance and regal history. It's rare to find a high-carat weighing, highly transparent, bright reddish brown colored, and inclusion-free Ceylonese Gomed. Hence, its price is high.

            Why Pramogh? 

            Natural Cylon Gomed gemstone showers divine happiness, love, affluence, spiritual growth, and protection in the wearer’s life. Being the Ceylonese Hessonite Gomed bestseller brand, presents an authentic variety of reputed lab-certified Ceylonese Hessonite-Gomed gemstones at affordable prices and winning discounts. We believe in harnessing the goodness of astrology for a better life!

            Note:- In general, the Original Ceylonese Hessonite - Gomed stone price starts from INR 2500 ($30.15) to INR 5100 ($61.51) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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