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Colombian Emerald Gemstone


The pristine Colombian Emerald gemstone attracts massive affluence, harmonized relations, rejuvenated health, and escalated divinity. It is called Smaragdos in Greek or Panna in Hindi. The popularity of the jewellery of this precious gemstone is increasing due to its phenomenal looks and striking clarity. Colombia sources 90% of the world’s Emeralds. Being the Colombian Emerald gemstone bestselling brand, promises to explain everything about Colombia emerald price, types, care, quality, etc. Make the perfect choice of Colombian Emerald gemstones with the best offers and exciting deals from!

How to Wear Colombian Emerald Gemstone:

  • Wear an original Colombian Emerald gemstone touching your skin to transcend its powerful spiritual energy into your aura.
  • Face northeast direction, and dip the Columbian Emerald’s ornament in raw cow milk, Tulsi leaves, and Gangajal for at least 1 hour. Remove it from this mixture and place it on a Mercury Yantra on a green cloth. Offer flowers and burning incense to seek blessing from its ruling planet, Mercury. Chant its mantra and wear it.


Evenly distributed pure bluish-green color.


The weight of gemstones varies for each individual according to the wearer’s birth chart.


Wear this gemstone’s ring on the ring or little finger of the right hand. Women can wear it in their left hand too.


Wear this gemstone’s pendant, necklace, or locket touching your skin.


Gold, Silver, Platinum, white gold, or Panchadhatu


Chant the mantra 'Om Budhaye Namha’ ( ॐ बुधाय नमः ) or ‘ Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaya’ ( ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय ) 108 times.

Zodiac Sign

gemstone of Gemini and Virgo (Vedic astrology), Cancer (Western astrology), ascendants of Taurus, Libra, and Aquarius, and birthstone of May-born people.

When to Wear Colombian Emerald Gemstone?

Under astrological guidance, wear the ring or pendant of the Colombian Emerald gemstone on Wednesday morning of Shukla Paksha in the first hour after sunrise. Wear it when Mercury is in the favorable planetary positions in your Horoscope.  Consult with our astrologers and buy Colombian emeralds online from for your Astrological or personal needs at the best prices!

Benefits of Colombian Emerald Gemstone:

  • It soothes skin, heals skin disorders, and gives a calming sensation to the skin.
  • It heals ailments related to eye, ear, skin, nervous system, and mental issues like stress, anxiety, phobias, etc.
  • It shields us from dangers, negativity, evil energies, and financial losses.
  • It restores vitality, improves senses, and reduces mental stress.
  • It cleanses all Chakras and removes negative energies from them.
  • It strengthens married life, love, harmony, companionship, and loyalty.
  • It enhances orator skills, courage, and self-confidence for resolving stammering and stage fright. 
  • It boosts creativity, logic, rationality, innovative mind, and inner wisdom.
  • It is suitable for professionals in acting, singing, mass media, designing, finance, share marketing, trading, banking, business, etc.
  • It brings fame, nobility, and success in life.
  • It guides us on the right path of life with spirituality, intuitions, and clarity of emotions.

Quality Factors of Colombian Emerald Gemstone:

The Colombian Emerald gemstone price depends on factors like its cut, clarity, origin, treatments done, etc. We serve high-quality original Colombian Emeralds at enticing prices and benefits. We recommend knowing about the quality of this gemstone before you buy it online.


Beryllium Aluminum Cycolsilicate (Be3Al2(SiO3)6)








It is variable according to one’s requirements according to his birth chart. 


Bluish-green to pure green, with vivid color saturation.


Type 3 grading with natural inclusions (fissures, jardins, and fractures). 


Rectangular, square, oval, round, etc.


Fracture filling, dyeing, and oiling


7.5-8 Mohs scale

Refractive Index


Specific Gravity


Types of Colombian Emerald Gemstone:

The Colombian Emerald gemstones have varying concentrations of impurities like chromium, vanadium, iron, etc. It results in the formation of various color shades, as follows: 

  • Chivor Emeralds: Sourcing from the Chivor mines of Colombia, these gemstones are known for their unique bluish-green tones and are among the high-quality Colombian emeralds.
  • Muzo Emeralds: The Muzo mines from Colombia yield bluish-green to pure-green colored Emerald gemstones. 
  • Coscuez Emeralds: Coscuez mines have some of the finest and most sought-after emeralds globally, known for their intense deep green with high saturation, a slight yellow undertone, translucent nature, and exceptional quality.
  • Trapiche Colombian Emeralds: These emeralds are from the western part of the Eastern Cordillera basin, in the Muzo, Coscuez, and Peñas Blancas mines of Colombia. They are rare and form a six-spoked grinding wheel-like appearance.
  • La Pita Emeralds: They have a rich green color with varying saturation levels and are from  La Pita mines in Colombia. has an enthralling variety of Colombian Emeralds at affordable prices and proper astrological guidance. Also, go through our alluring collection of gemstones for your jewellery needs and astrological requirements.

Origin and Authenticity of Colombian Emerald Gemstone:

  • Sources: The mines like Chivor, Muzo, and Coscuez in the Boyaca region of Colombia are the oldest and yield high-quality Emeralds. Other Colombian mines are Peñas Blancas, La Pita, Chapada, and Chiquinquirá from the Boyacá area and Urabá from the Antioquia.
  • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: Always buy a certified natural Colombian Emerald for promising astrological benefits and a higher reselling value, with authenticated originality and trust in purchasing. ensures emerald price by carat along with its quality. We sell only certified and genuine Colombian Emeralds at worthy price rates!

Colombian Emerald Gemstone Jewellery:

With a 7.5 Moh scale of hardness, astonishing bluish-green hues, and elegant aesthetics, the Colombian Emerald gemstone is a stunning choice for jewelry. It is the gem of the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries to symbolize lifelong love, compassion, and loyalty. Historically, the world-famous Queen Cleopatra wore Emeralds in her royal jewellery. Its classy looks and prominent astrological powers make it more desirable in jewellery and designer pieces!

Pricing Insights of Colombian Emerald Gemstone:

The quality of the Colombian Panna is a crucial factor in determining its worth. The natural Colombian Emerald gemstones price depend on their quality determining factors such as:

  • Color: A rich bluish-green Colombian Emerald fetched a higher price than one with secondary undertones of other colors.
  • Cut: Colombia Emerald price is high for rectangular (Emerald cut)as this cut brilliantly reflects more light and effectively conceals more inclusions and fractures. Such emerald cuts are more expensive than round and oval cuts.
  • Clarity: An original Colombian Emerald gemstone with zero inclusions gains more price due to its high demand. 
  • Carat: The price of Colombian emeralds increases by an increase in their carat weight. There is constant growth in Emerald price by carat. The higher the weight, the more expensive it is.
  • Treatments: Natural and untreated Colombian emeralds cost more than one that undergoes treatment with oil to retain moisture, dye to enhance color, and chemicals to fill fractures.
  • Origin: A Colombian Emerald gemstone from Muzo mines is considered the best quality and has a higher price than from mines like Chivor, Coscuez, etc.

Care & Cleaning of Colombian Emerald Gemstone:

The precious Colombian Emerald gemstone is delicate due to its lower hardness and can break on rough handling. When you buy Colombian Emeralds online or in-store, follow the given tips to keep it sustainable for a longer duration:

  • Clean the Colombian Emerald gemstone in soapy water. 
  • Pat dry it with a soft cloth and wear it again.
  • Don’t use harsh detergents, paint thinners, or alcohol to clean Colombian Panna gemstones.
  • Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, as their vibrations and heat can remove Emerald’s filler from its fractures. 
  • Store it separately in a velvet-lined box to prevent it from damage.

FAQs of Colombian Emerald gemstone:

  1. Which Colombian Emerald gemstone should I buy?

Choose a certified Colombian Panna gemstone with natural bluish-green hues, utmost clarity, and a well-shaped cut under proper astrological consultation. You can opt for any shade and cut if you want to use it as a jewellery. Pramogh offers a wide range of natural Colombian Emerald gemstones at exciting prices and deals, where the Colombian Emerald price by carat starts from 2-carat.

  1. What makes natural Colombian Emerald gemstones so unique for jewelry?

The lush green hues and moderate hardness make the Colombian Emerald gemstone unique for crafting appealing rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. Astrologically, it harmonizes the wearer's life and brings joy. All these qualities make it unique in jewellery.

  1. Is the Colombian Emerald a worthy gemstone?

The original Colombian Emerald gemstone accords harmony, forgiveness, affluence, and revitalization in the wearer’s life. As per Vedic astrology, this worthy gemstone works under the planet of growth, Mercury planet (Budha Ratna), to introduce wisdom, health, and abundance. 

  1. Can I buy Colombian Emerald gemstones for healing skin diseases?

The original Panna gemstone activates the Heart Chakra and bestows calming effects for skin disorders, allergies, itching, and swelling. Under astrological guidance, you can buy, cleanse, and activate the Panna gemstone for healing.

  1. Which color of Colombian Emerald gemstone should I consider while purchasing?

Buy a flawless bluish-green Emerald with no secondary undertone for astrological purposes. Meanwhile, you can choose any shade of Colombian Emerald for jewellery purposes according to your choice and budget. Always compare the certified- Colombian emerald price with its quality to ensure authenticity.

  1. How will I know that my Colombian Emerald gemstone is working?

After you buy Colombian Emerald online or in-store, it shows its astrological effects in the first 30-50 days after wearing it. You may experience a surge in confidence, a calm mind, clear and firm thoughts, or sudden monetary growth. The Colombian Emerald gemstone is correctly working and suitable for you if you experience such good changes and benefits.

  1. How necessary are clarity, carat, and cuts when I buy Colombian Emeralds online?

A well-faceted and big Colombian Emerald gives an aesthetic appeal and striking brilliance to jewellery. The cut of the gemstone does not affect its astrological benefits. An inclusion-free, large, clear, bluish-green Colombian Emerald is suitable for astrological use. The clarity and emerald price by carat are necessary to check when you buy Colombian Emeralds online or in-store for astrological purposes.

  1. Can I buy Colombian Emerald gemstones for stammering issues?

The original Colombian Emerald cleanses the Heart Chakra to remove the sense of lack, low self-esteem, and fear. Its vibrations activate the Heart Chakra. It makes us confident, generous, and courageous. One can overcome speech issues, stammering, and stage fright with the help of Colombian Emerald.

  1. What should I consider before buying a Colombian Emerald gemstone?

Decide whether you are buying this gemstone for astrological purposes or jewellery use, define your budget, and choose the desired quality of this gemstone before you buy. Always buy a certified and original Colombian  Emerald gemstone from a reputed online or in-store dealer under astrological consultation. 

  1. Why the Colombian Emerald price is significant?

The Colombian Emerald has the most excellent quality of green color and clarity from the rest of its origin. Its inclusions are different from each other. The price depended on its quality. Finding such high-quality gemstones with higher carat weight is rare. The Emerald price by carat varies with its weight. That’s why the Colombian Emerald price rates are significant.

Why Pramogh?

Colombian Emeralds are the reservoir of vibrant green colors, superior clarity, and supreme astrological benefits. offers original and certified natural Colombian emerald gemstones to get celestial blessings of escalated compassion, rejuvenation, and unrivaled success! We only sell authentic gemstones with proper astrological guidance from our highly experienced astrologers and dedicated support.

Note:- In general, the Original Colombian Emerald stone price starts from INR 1000 ($12.06) to INR 15100 ($182.16) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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