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Irani Firoza (Turquoise) Gemstone


The sky-like heavenly Irani Firoza gemstone invites joy, bliss, success, calmness, protection, and fame in life. According to Vedic astrology, the mighty Jupiter planet rules this gemstone. People also call it Iranian Turquoise, Persian Turquoise, Iranian Feroza gemstone, Irani Feroza, etc. This ancient gemstone is a birthstone of December-born people and the national gemstone of Tibet for good health, fortune, and safety. Persians call it piruzeh, a word for a spiritual symbol of triumph, prosperity, and growth. Its alluring blue-green hues and universal energies make it popular in jewellery and the astrological world. Being the bestseller brand of Irani Firoza gemstone,  promises to provide everything about Irani Firoza gemstone price, wearing process, quality, care, etc. We sell the best quality Irani Turquoise gemstones at budget-friendly prices with exciting offers!

How to Wear Irani Firoza Gemstone:

  • Wear an original Irani Firoza gemstone touching your skin to transcend its rippling vibrations into your aura. 
  • Immerse the ornaments of Irani Feroza gemstone in the Gangajal, raw milk, & Tulsi leaves for cleansing and activation. Remove the gemstone from this holy mixture, wash it with Gangajal (holy water), chant the given mantra to seek blessings, and wear it.


Sky blue to deep ocean blue.


This carat weight varies according to the astrological horoscope of the wearer.


Wear the Irani Firoza ring on the ring finger of the dominant hand.


Wear the Irani Turquoise gemstone pendant or necklace touching your skin.


Silver (recommended), gold, Panchdhaatu, Platinum.


Chant the Guru Mantra: Om Graam Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah (ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरवे नमः) 108 times.

Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius and Pisces (In Vedic astrology) and ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio can wear this gemstone.

When to Wear Irani Firoza Gemstone:

Wear this gemstone from 5-7 am on a Thursday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing moon). Ensure the favorable planetary positions of Jupiter planet in the horoscope to receive the maximum benefits of the Irani Firoza gemstone! offers top-notch astrological consultation from experienced astrologers to buy the best quality Irani Persian Feroza gemstones at economical rates!

Benefits of Irani Firoza Gemstone:

  • This sacred gemstone protects you from harm, danger, negativity, and psychic attacks.
  • It activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication, creativity, clear thoughts, and speech enhancement.
  • It makes us peaceful, blissful, and calm with its soothing energy.
  • Its divine energies heal aggressive diseases, migraine, depression, anxiety, phobias, allergies, stress, respiratory disorders, etc.
  • It is a great anti-inflammatory agent that alleviates stomach issues, bronchitis, rheumatism, gout, pain, cramps, and hyperacidity. 
  • It escalates growth, muscular strength, stamina, vitality, etc.
  • It enhances affluence, prosperity, abundance, untapped wisdom, intellect, and logic.
  • It brings surged business opportunities, work exposure to creative artists, and determination for working professionals.
  • It harmonizes relations with your partner for a strong, passionate, and desirable bond of love.
  • Its divine zen bestows peace, psychic insights, intuitions, spiritual guidance, and growth.

Quality Factors of Irani Firoza Gemstone:

The price of the Iranian Turquoise gemstone depends on its quality factors like mineral composition, color, clarity, cut, carat weight, etc. Let’s have a look at these quality determining factors of the original Irani Firoza gemstone:


Copper aluminum phosphate CuAl6(PO4)4 ·(OH)8 ·5H2O


Light blue to greenish-blue 


It should be flawless and free from abrasions and scratches.


This weight varies according to the astrological horoscope of each wearer.


oval cabochon, round bead, square, etc.


Waxy to Vitreous




Opaque with a silky luster.


5 to 6 Mohs scale

Specific Gravity

2.76 (+0.14, -0.36)

Refractive Index


Different Types Of Irani Firoza Gemstones:

According to GIA, the Irani Feroza gemstone is a crystalline marble formed during contact metamorphism. Its components, Lazurite (a blue feldspathoid silicate mineral of the sodalite family) and traces of white calcite, metallic yellow pyrite, augite, diopside, enstatite, mica, nosean, etc., are responsible for its color and hues. Let’s see the various types of Irani Firoza according to their color, composition, origin, etc.

  1. Persian or Afghan Irani Firoza: This type has an intense blue gemstone with a uniform, medium dark, and slightly violetish blue hue
  1. Neyshabur Irani Firoza: Originating from the Neyshabur region in northeastern Iran, these finest quality firoza gemstones have deep blue coloration with intricate matrix patterns.
  1. Damghan Irani Firoza: Coming from the Damghan region of Iran, this type of Firoza gemstone has a distinctive sky blue to greenish blue color with green overtones due to copper ions and intricate spiderwebs or matrix veining.
  1. Mashhad Blue Irani Firoza: This type of Irani Firoza gemstone occurs in the Mashhad region of Iran and has a medium to light blue color with a green undertone that makes it popular among jewellery enthusiasts.

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Origin and Authenticity of Irani Firoza Gemstone:

  • Sources: The Baghu deposit in southern Semnan Province, the Shahr-i Babak deposit in western Kerman Province, Razavi province in Neyshabur, Mashhad region, etc., provide high-quality Irani Feroza gemstones.
  • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: Always buy an original and reputed lab-certified Irani Firoza from a trusted gemstone seller for its authenticity. As a trusted Irani Firoza gemstone selling brand, only sells reputed lab-certified and original Iranian Turquoise gemstones at ideal price rates for authenticity!

Irani Firoza Gemstone Jewellery:

Turquoise gemstone has allured ancient civilizations of Iran for its divine protective energies and highly alluring jewellery designs. Around 7000 BCE, during the Neolithic period, the oldest known Irani Firoza was discovered in the Ali Kosh zone of the lIam province. Persians used it as a protective talisman and royal jewellery. Nowadays, people widely use this gemstone in beaded necklaces, piercings, bracelets, etc. The sacred Turquoise is the gemstone of Tibet. People widely use it for spiritual blessings, safety, and abundant growth. provides the best quality Irani Turqoiuse gemstones at alluring prices and exciting discounts.

Pricing Insights of Irani Firoza Gemstone:

The Irani Firoza gemstone price in India differs according to its quality and efficacy. Let's explore the pricing factors for this gemstone:

  • Color: An intense, uniform, medium-dark, slightly blue-colored Irani Firoza gemstone price is higher than its other types.
  • Cut: A well-faceted, well-polished, and smooth Cabochon of original Irani Turquoise gemstone is more valued than a raw one.
  • Carat: A high-carat weighing clear blue colored Irani Firoza gemstone price is higher than a lesser-carat weighing Irani Firoza.
  • Clarity: A fine-grained Irani Turquoise with a smooth, highly polished surface has the best quality and has more value than an uneven gemstone.
  • Matrix:  Irani Firoza forms in iron-rich Limonite deposit, which gives it a brown matrix, or Sandstones, that creates tan markings. A matrix-free Irani Turquoise is rare, highly desirable in the jewellery industry, and has a higher price than one with the matrix.
  • Treatments: An untreated, natural, and flawless blue-colored Irani Firoza gemstone is rare and costlier than treated Irani Firoza gemstone.
  • Origin: The Irani Turquoise from the Neyshabur deposit is millennium-old and yields high-quality, rare, and unique color-quality Firoza gemstones. Irani Firoza gemstones from this region have the highest price. 

Care & Cleaning of Irani Firoza Gemstone:

The Irani Firoza gemstone bears the hardness of a 5 to 6 Mohs scale and should be handled with care while using it as jewellery. Let's discuss some cleaning tips to remember after you buy Irani Turquoise gemstones online or in-store:

  • Wipe the Irani Firoza with a clean and moist cloth.
  • Pat dry it with a lint-free cloth and wear it again.
  • Avoid cleaning it with ammonia, harsh detergents, ultrasonic cleaners, boiling water, harsh chemicals, etc.
  • Store its jewellery in a velvet-lined box to avoid damage.

FAQs of Irani Firoza Gemstone: 

  1. Why should I purchase Irani Firoza gemstone?

The Irani Firoza gemstone bestows harmony, honesty, peace, and inner bliss. Firoza gemstone is a reservoir of calm and gentle healing energy. Under the governance of Jupiter, this stone gives higher intellect, love, patience, rejuvenation, protection, and divinity to its wearer.

  1. Who can buy Turquoise Gemstone?

The December-born people and ascendants of Aries, Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio can wear this gemstone for the cosmic benefits of success, protection, spirituality, and affluence! One can buy Irani Turquoise gemstone for the 11th wedding anniversary to showcase their true love and commitment!

  1. How do I choose an ideal Irani Firoza gemstone?

You can select the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, treated or non-treated Irani Firoza gemstone for jewellery purposes. For astrological uses, consult with an experienced astrologer first. Choose an ideal weighing, intense blue-colored, matrix-free, and original Irani Turquoise gemstone for maximum benefits.

  1. Can the resin patches on the backside of the Irani Firoza gemstone affect its efficacy?

The resin patches support and protect the porous surface of this gemstone for its high durability. The astrological properties are not much affected due to its resin patches. You can embed a high-quality Irani Turquoise gemstone in silver or gold jewellery for its longer sustainability.

  1. Does the color of Firoza gemstone matter?

The light blue Irani Firoza gemstone with minimal flaws and visible clarity is ideal for astrological purposes. Consult with your astrologer before you buy any specific colored Firoza gemstone. One can use any shade of Irani Firoza gemstone for jewelry purposes.

  1. How do I check if the Irani Firoza gemstone suits me?

Consult with an astrologer before you buy an original Iranian Turquoise gemstone. If you have not consulted with an astrologer, observe the changes in your life for good outcomes, healing, blissfulness, and sudden monetary benefits. If you get such positive insights, then that Irani Firoza suits you, and you can continue to wear it.

  1. How crucial are clarity and cut when selecting an Irani Firoza gemstone?

The shape of any gemstone does not affect its astrological powers. A flawless, natural, and uniform blue-colored Irani Firoza gemstone is ideal for astrological use. A fine-shaped and well-crafted Irani Firoza gemstone is excellent for jewellery use. 

  1. Do the matrix patterns affect the original Irani Feroza gemstone’s price in India?

The matrix patterns of Irani Turquoise gemstones are patches, webs, or veins of its host rock ( white kaolinite, sandstone, Opal, chalcedony, brown limonite). An original Firoza has a 5-6 Mohs scale and noticeable porosity. A matrix-free and flawless Irani Feroza gemstone has a higher price.

  1. Should we consider the surface texture of Irani Firoza gemstone while buying?

An Irani Firoza gemstone price is more for its quality features, like low porosity, smoothness, and plain texture.  A spotless Irani Firoza stone is rare, expensive, and ideal for astrological use. An Irani Firoza gemstone with spider web-like patterns is more desirable in jewellery for its striking appearance.

  1. How do I authenticate the original Irani Firoza gemstone price with its authenticity?

Due to many malpractices, people sell Sodalite as an Irani Turquoise gemstone due to its blue color. Some may sell imitated Irani Firoza for a lower price. One must check for the authenticity of this gemstone from a trusted gemologist. An original, non-treated, natural Irani Firoza gemstone will always cost more for its rarity and high quality.

Why Pramogh? 

The original Irani Turquoise gemstone blesses us with spiritual guidance, affluence, growth, and divine faith. offers the best quality Irani Firoza (Turquoise) Gemstones at an affordable price range with assured astrological guidance and support. With the help of our astrologers, reiki healers, and therapists, we serve infallible astrological solutions to your life issues. Buy Irani Firoza from at a budget-friendly cost and the best deals.

Note:- In general, the Original Irani Firoza - Turquoise stone price starts from INR 700 ($8.44) to INR 1200 ($14.47) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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