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Japanese Red Coral Gemstone


The Japanese Red Coral gemstone unveils the spiritual energies and beauty of the wearer. This porous gemstone naturally takes birth in coral polyps in the ocean beds. The Mars planet governs this gemstone to bestow victory, courage, love, success, vitality, growth, and strength. Japanese Red Coral glorifies the hearts of artisans and jewellery enthusiasts for its finest quality and originality. This gemstone is famously called Ox-blood, Maheya, Vridum, Sinduja, Latamani, Mangalmani, Moonga Ratna, Laal Moonga, and Praval Ratna. Being the Japanese Red Coral bestseller brand, promises to guide you about the Japanese Red Coral gemstone prices, quality, benefits, etc.

How to Wear Japanese Red Coral Gemstone:

  • Wear a flawless Japanese Red Coral touching your skin to transcend its powerful vibrations into your Chakras.
  • Immerse the Japanese Laal Moonga gemstone ring, pendant, etc., in raw cow milk and Gangajal or soak it overnight in water. Place its ring on a red cloth with a numeric Mars Yantra drawn with saffron or red sandalwood powder to activate the gemstone. Chant the given mantra, and wear it. 


Bright orange-red


It varies from one’s astrological birth chart.


Wear its ring on the ring finger of the working hand. Women can wear it on any hand.


Wear a pendant or necklace of Japanese Red Coral touching your skin.


Gold, Silver, Copper, or Panchdhatu.


Chant the Mantra ‘Om Ang Angarkay Namah’, (ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः) 108 times

Zodiac Sign

Aries and Scorpio (in Vedic astrology); Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Cancer (in Western astrology)

When to Wear Japanese Red Coral Gemstone:

Wear a ring or pendant of Japanese Laal Moonga gemstone around 5 AM -7 AM on Tuesday of Shukla Paksha, aligning with the ideal planetary positions of Mars in the horoscope. Consult with our experienced astrologers and buy the best quality Japanese Red Coral online at

Benefits of Japanese Red Coral Gemstone:

  • It protects you against malefic energies of harm, danger, accidents, financial losses, and severe illness during the planetary period of Mars(Mars Mahadasha)
  • It strengthens determination, passion, desire, focus, concentration, and dedication in studies, work, and business.
  • In Vedic astrology, the Red Coral is a ‘Bhoomi Karaka’ stone that rules land and property. This gemstone benefits professionals in real estate, interior design, asset management, and mining.
    • It diminishes pain in inflammatory conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, and bronchitis. 
    • It boosts WBC production and heart pumping. It heals osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, anger issues, mental stress, etc.
    • It heals emotional trauma due to the loss of loved ones, accidents, or failures.
    • It helps professionals in sports, politics, business, entrepreneurship, etc., for paramount success, dedication, innovation, and growth.
    • It enhances wealth accumulation, financial abundance, new income opportunities, and business growth.
    • It helps Mangliks (people having Mars Mahadasha) to meet the right life partner.
    • It escalates love, companionship, stability, intimacy, and harmony in married couples,
      • It expands our spiritual consciousness to the higher vibrations for awareness, enlightenment, and guidance.

          Quality of Japanese Red Coral Gemstone:

          An original Japanese Laal Moonga gemstone should have ideal qualities. The quality depends on the Japanese Red Coral price and efficacy. suggests you learn about the qualities of this gemstone to make your buying process smoother.


          Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)




          Natural blemishes, grooves, grains, or black spots.


          Cabochon of oval, triangular, and round shape.


          3.5-4 Mohs scale 

          Refractive Index


          Specific Gravity





          Translucent to opaque




          Dusky and porous


          Bleaching, infusion, surface coating, dyeing.

          Japanese Red Coral Gemstone Types:

          The Japanese Laal Moonga has the finest quality of uniform and intense red color due to the carotenoid’s incorporation and proteins with distinct origins. The types of Japanese Red corals are as follows:

          • Sango coral (Corallium rubrum): These Red Corals have a pinkish-red color due to calcium carbonate with traces of magnesium carbonate. The deep waters of the Pacific coasts like Okinawa and Taiwan in Japan have these Red Corals.
          • Aka coral (Corallium japonicum): They are from the waters of the Ryukyu Islands and Okinawa, Japan. They consist of calcium carbonate with slight organic matter and survive in shallow and rocky areas with strong currents.
          • Sarasa coral (Corallium elatius): Originating from the waters of the Ryukyu Islands and the Ogasawara Islands of Southern Japan, these red corals mainly contain calcium carbonate.
          • Nikko coral (Corallium konojoi): They occur in the Pacific waters from Okinawa, Japan, and have a reddish-white or pinkish-red color.

          Japanese Red Corals serve the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts for their charismatic appearance. also presents an enthralling collection of gemstones at affordable prices.

          Origin and Authenticity of Japanese Red Coral Gemstone:

          • Sources: The best quality Japanese Red Corals originate from the waters of the Ryukyu Islands of Southwest Japan. Its other sources are the Ogasawara Islands, Shikoku Region, Kyushu Region, and the coast of Honshu (Japan’s largest Island).
          • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: You should buy a Japanese Red Coral from a trusted gemstone dealer with a reputed lab certificate like GIA, CGL, GRS, IGS, etc., to ensure its authentication. Do not buy duplicate Japanese Red Coral gemstones made with low-quality materials like wood, polymer, etc. only sells high-quality, bright red, lab-certified Japanese Red Coral at budget-friendly prices.

           Japanese Red Coral-Moonga Gemstone Jewellery:

          Japanese Red Coral are known for their cultural reverence for prosperity, growth, longevity, and vitality in Japan. In Nigeria, the lady of royal lineage wears a necklace called ‘Coral Highness’ that combines Japanese Red Coral cabochon beads. The Japanese artisans carve idols like lord Ganesha, Buddha, etc., along with maintaining the natural beauty of this gemstone. Japanese people traditionally pass the Red Moonga ornaments as heirloom pieces to the next generations. Its mesmerizing appeal in rings, bracelets, and pendants makes it a coveted gemstone for jewellery! This alluring gemstone ring or pendant is a 35th wedding anniversary gift to cherish the love, commitment, and fiery passion in marriage.

          Pricing Insights of Japanese Red Coral Gemstone:

          The Japanese Red Coral gemstone price depends on its quality and efficacy. Always compare these parameters when you buy the Japanese Red Coral online or in-store:

          • Color:  The price of Japanese Red Coral with an intense, uniform, and bright red color is more than a pale-colored one.
          • Clarity: A Japanese Red Coral with a spotless, flawless, and smooth texture is more valuable than coral with flaws.
          • Shape: Round cabochons of Japanese Red Moonga are more expensive than capsule-shaped cabochons due to their appealing aesthetics, rarity, and high demand.
          • Treatments: A natural, untreated Japanese Red Coral with excellent color and clarity is more expensive than a synthetic lab-produced one.
          • Origin:  Red Coral gemstones from the Ryukyu Islands of Japan are the most expensive due to their high quality, sustainability, and high demand.

          Care & Cleaning of Japanese Red Coral gemstone:

          Japanese red corals are brittle due to lower hardness as they form from organic coral shells. Let’s learn some cleaning tips to follow after you buy the Japanese Red Corals online or in-store:

          • Wipe your Japanese Red Moonga with a soft-wet cloth. 
          • Pat dry it with a lint-free cloth to retain its luster.
          • Gently clean the dirt in the grime of the carved Red Coral gemstone with a soft toothbrush.
          • Do not dip it in harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, and abrasives to avoid damage.
          • Store it in a velvety-lined box away from hard gemstones. 

          FAQs of Japanese Red Coral Gemstone:

             1. Why is there a significant price difference in the Japanese Red Coral gemstone price?

            The value of Japanese Red Moonga differs according to its quality and efficacy. Natural Japanese Red Corals are more valuable than commercial ones. Original Japanese Red Corals have an unrivaled bright red color without any blemishes. 

               2. How crucial are color and clarity in Japanese Red Coral selection?

            The quality of Japanese Laal Moonga is crucial as it determines its effects after wearing. They exhibit excellent smoothness, bright orange-red color, and powerful astrological benefits. Always compare the quality and efficacy to the Japanese Red Coral price for authenticity.

               3. Why should you purchase a Japanese Red Coral gemstone?

              You should own a Japanese Red Coral because it benefits from finding the right life partner, achieving success, and giving protection and vitality. It greatly helps in Mars Mahadasha. Red Coral from Japan has the best quality and astrological impact among its all origins.

                 4. How can I ascertain the authenticity of the Japanese Red Coral gemstone?

                The availability of the high-carat weighing, completely smooth, and original Japanese Red Coral with a bright red color is due to its thriving conditions. A natural Japanese red coral never leaves its color after rubbing. It naturally has a porous nature due to its mother species of Corallium. You may find microscopic pits and superfine spots on its surface. All these are its authentication markers to ensure originality. 

                   5. Does the shape of the Japanese Red Coral gemstone affect its astrological benefits?

                  You can buy an original Japanese Red Coral of your choice of shape, as it doesn’t affect the gemstone’s properties. It is porous in nature and delicate. So, remember to craft it firmly in the base of the jewellery so it doesn’t fall out.

                     6. Can I buy a Japanese Red Coral for my life partner?

                    The Japanese Red Moonga symbolizes deep love, passion, and connection between the couple. You can buy it as your 35th wedding anniversary gift to your spouse. It enhances the bond of love, communication, intimacy, and compassion for each other.

                       7. What carat of Japanese Red Coral gemstone should I buy?

                      It depends on your horoscope requirements. Your astrologers will guide you in selecting the correct Japanese Red Coral gemstone. The gemstone’s size will not affect its astrological powers if we cleanse and activate it under astrological guidance. offers a wide range of original Red Moonga gemstones to buy online, starting from 3 to 25 carats.

                         8. How do I buy a Japanese Red Coral for astrological purposes?

                        Always consult an astrologer before purchasing a Laal Moonga gemstone. Buy a Japanese Red Coral with a clean and polished surface. It shouldn’t have any marks or patches. It should be well-polished. From India, being a bestseller gemstone brand, Pramogh offers a variety of original Japanese Red Coral gemstones online.

                           9. Who should buy the Japanese Red Coral gemstone?

                          The Mars planet rules this gemstone for strength, vigor, dedication, prosperity, success, stability, and harmony. People working in deals of gold, mining, chemical weapons, agriculture, real estate, steel, chemicals, police, defense, army, surgery, architecture, dental treatments, etc. It diminishes laziness and procrastination. People suffering from Mars Mahadasha or Antardasha can wear this gemstone to get ease during that planetary period of Mars.

                             10. Why should Mangliks buy Japanese Red Coral gemstones?

                            The  Mangalmani- Laal Moonga helps the Mangliks to nullify the ill effects of Mars during its planetary period. This gemstone helps Magliks reduce the struggles of getting married with the right life partner. It avoids unexpected problems, severe illness, accidents, misfortune, and harm for Mangliks.

                            Why Pramogh?

                            Japanese Red Moonga flourishes our lives with success, longevity, wellness, and growth. offers heavenly Japanese Red Coral gemstones at affordable prices and deals. We provide high-quality Japanese Red Coral gemstones with authentic and reputed laboratory certification. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Live an energetic and revitalized life with the universal divine energy of Japanese Red Coral gemstone. 

                            Note:- In general, the Original Japanese Red Coral stone price starts from INR 6000 ($71.78) to INR 15000 ($179.44) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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