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White Sapphire – Safed Pukhraj Gemstone


The magnificent Safed Pukhraj gemstone unveils wondrous wealth, higher intellect, harmony in marriage, healthy progeny, beauty, abundance, luxury, fame, and divine bliss. It is a colorless variety of Sapphire gemstones of the Corundum family of minerals. With the guidance of benevolent Venus, this cloudy white gemstone unearths untapped wisdom, loyalty, prosperity, and wellness. It is known as Safed Pushkraj, white Sapphire, colorless Sapphire, etc. Safed Pukhraj is an astrological substitute/Upratna for Diamond. This gemstone is very popular in the jewellery industry and astrology for its minimal looks, glazing clarity, superfine brilliance, and marvelous cuts! Being a traditional Safed Pukhraj gemstone-selling brand, confers all attributes of the White Sapphire gemstone price, quality, care, types, etc. You can buy White Sapphire gemstones online at budget-friendly prices and exclusive discounts from us!

How to Wear White Sapphire Gemstone:

  • Wear a flawless Safed Pukhraj gemstone touching your skin to transcend its powerful divine vibrations in your aura. 
  • Dip the White Sapphire gemstone in 1 spoonful of curd, Ghee, Gangajal, honey, and Tulsi leaves for cleansing and activation. Remove it from this holy mixture, wash it with Gangajal, chant the mantra to seek blessings, and wear it!


Colorless or transparent.


It varies for each individual according to his astrological horoscope.


Wear a Safed Pukhraj ring ring on the index finger of the working hand. 


Wear a White Sapphire pendant or necklace touching your skin.


Silver or platinum (recommended), gold or Panchdhatu (alternatives)


Chant the mantra ‘Om Dran Dreen Draun Sah Shukraya Namah’ (ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं स: शुक्राय नम:।) or ‘Om Shum Shukraye Namah’ (ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः)108 times.

Zodiac Sign

Taurus and Libra signs (in Vedic astrology), Gemini sign (in Western astrology), and Ascendants of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Virgo.

When to Wear White Sapphire Gemstone:

Wear the White Sapphire from 5-7 am on the Friday morning of Shukla Paksha/ waxing Moon. One should ensure that the planetary positions of the benevolent Venus planet are in the proper positions in the birth chart to invoke the divine blessings of the Safed Pukhraj gemstone! 

Get proper consultation from our highly experienced astrologers to select and buy Safed Pukhraj gemstones at affordable rates and offers! We sell only high-quality colorless Sapphire gemstones.

Benefits of White Sapphire Gemstone:

  • White Sapphire bestows spellbinding luxury, comfort, ease, wealth, and satisfaction in the wearer’s life.
  • It levitates higher wisdom, self-esteem, confidence, courage, and clarity of thought.
  • It stimulates the pituitary gland, enhances creative qualities, and develops imagination power for new ideas and ventures.
  • It helps professionals in arts, dance, fashion, films, hospitality, music, etc. to escalate artistic abilities and creative thinking.
  • It stimulates fertility, blesses healthy progeny, and heals gynecological issues.
  • Its pure energies heal disorders of the gastric tract, kidney, immune system, urinary tract, reproductive system, etc.
  • It helps to gain weight,  strengthen the nervous system, and restore vitality.
  • It elevates mood, harmonizes emotions, and heals mental stress, emotional trauma, depression, and anger issues to give a calm and serene feeling.
  • It increases prosperity, abundance, wealth, new income opportunities, and steady money flow without any financial blocks.
  • It protects against negativity, illness, dangers, financial failures, grief, accidents, and misfortune.
  • It activates and expands the Crown Chakra to connect ourselves with higher realms of consciousness, intuitions, and bliss.

Quality Factors of White Sapphire Gemstone:

You can buy Safed Pukhraj gemstones online or in-store according to their quality factors like cut, clarity, carat, color, etc. Always compare the quality with the Safed Pukhraj gemstone price. Let’s see these quality determining factors quickly to get an overall idea about White Sapphire gemstone:


Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)


Colorless and transparent.


Eye clear or zero inclusions.


This weight varies according to the wearer’s astrological requirements.


Rectangular, square, oval, pear, octagonal, triangular, or heart shape.




Splintery to Conchoidal


9 Mohs scale

Specific Gravity


Refractive Index

1.762- 1.770

Different Types of White Sapphire Gemstone:

White Sapphires occur in various hues of white color, from transparent to cloudy. It mainly consists of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3). The transparency of these gemstones occurs due to the absence of trace elements like chromium, iron, magnesium, titanium, or vanadium, which are commonly present in colored sapphires. We have given some common types below to explore before you buy White Sapphire gemstones.

  1. Natural White Sapphires: These Safed Pukhraj gemstones naturally form in the earth's crust. They mainly contain Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3), and traces of iron, vanadium, chromium, etc., that affect the color quality and impart slight colored tinges or hues into the body color.
  1. Milky White Sapphires: These natural White Sapphires have higher inclusions, impurities, or fractures that incorporate milky white cloudiness to this gemstone. 
  1. Synthetic White Sapphire: These White Sapphires form in laboratories with similar chemical composition at controlled atmospheric conditions. They are more affordable than natural White Sapphires.

Buy Safed Pukhraj gemstones online from at economical prices with exciting deals, coupons, and astrological support. Explore our finest quality collections of gemstones to fulfill your astrological and jewellery requirements. 

Origin and Authenticity of White Sapphire Gemstone:

  • Sources: The best Natural White Sapphires originate from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Tanzania, Cambodia, Madagascar, and Burma. Sri Lankan Pukhraj gemstones have the finest quality.
  • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: Always buy reputed laboratory-certified Original Safed Pukhraj gemstones from trusted dealers and stores to avoid scam deals. Some people may create duped copies of this gemstone and sell it at a cheaper price. A laboratory certificate from trusted labs like GIA, IGS, IGI, etc., ensures the authenticity of the Safed Pukhraj. You may even get a higher reselling value for certified White Sapphires. Being a trusted Safed Pukhraj gemstone-selling brand, only sells high-quality and lab-certified White Sapphires at ideal costs.

Jewellery of White Sapphire Gemstone:

The elegant Safed Pukhraj is highly popular among jewellery artisans for its striking resemblance to Diamonds, clear transparency, higher durability, and aesthetic looks. It brilliantly disperses light into its facets to give a timeless appeal. It is a September Birthstone. The White Sapphire is a 24th-anniversary gemstone, and you can gift it to your spouse to memorize your powerful love and blissful married life. 

It is a highly revered gemstone in engagement and wedding rings instead of precious Diamonds. You can use these White Sapphires in daily jewellery due to their Hardness on the 9 Mohs scale (Second hardest gemstone after Diamonds), longer sustainability, resistance to scratches, and affordability. sells high-quality and curated Safed Pukhraj gemstones online with attractive deals and discounts to craft alluring rings, bracelets, or pendants for your astrological and jewellery purposes!

Pricing Insights of White Sapphire Gemstone:

The White Sapphire gemstone price varies according to its quality and efficacy. Always verify the quality with in-store or online Safed Pukhraj gemstone prices. We have given some pricing insights into this gemstone below for your ease of understanding.

  • Color: A Natural Safed Purkhraj of colorless transparency is costlier than a cloudy milky White Sapphire.
  • Carat: A highly weighing, fully transparent, inclusion-free, and colorless Safed Pukhraj is rare and has more value than its other variants.
  • Clarity: A White Sapphire with zero inclusions, superfine brilliance, and good cuts has high clarity and is more valuable than one with inclusions.
  • Treatments: An untreated natural White Sapphire gemstone has more value than treated and synthetic White Sapphires.
  • Origin:  A Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Safed Pukhraj has the best quality and more value than other origins.

Care & Cleaning of White Sapphire Gemstone:

Safed Pukhraj gemstones are least reactive against chemicals and temperature changes due to their higher hardness on the 9 Mohs scale. Follow these simple cleaning tips regularly after you buy White Sapphire gemstone online or in-store:

  • Clean the dirt on the Safed Pukhraj gemstone with a soft cloth and put it in soapy-warm water for 30 minutes.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the stains on its surface.
  • Pat dry it with a soft cloth and wear it again.
  • Avoid anti-static agents, harsh detergents, boiling water, perfumes, etc., for cleaning Safed Pukhraj, as these products may damage the gemstone.

FAQs of White Sapphire Gemstones: 

  1. Why should I buy Safed Pukhraj gemstones?

Safed Pukhraj gemstone blesses us with luxury, fame, abundance, creativity, grace, wisdom, prosperity, healthy progeny, and spiritual bliss. Venus planet rules this gemstone for new opportunities, revitalization, and emotional stability. It is an alternative to Diamonds and looks stunning in rings, pendants, etc. One should buy White Pukhraj gemstones for such enchanting benefits.

  1. Are all White Sapphires expensive?

A White Sapphire is the rarest variety in the Sapphire family of gemstones. This feature makes it expensive and worthy. A natural Safed Pukhraj with the highest transparency, utmost clarity, good cuts, and high carats is costlier than a milky White Pukhraj or synthetic Sapphire.

  1. Which Safed Pukhraj is best for me?

An original, inclusion-free, colorless, natural Safed Pukhraj is ideal for astrological purposes. You can buy White Sapphire of any variety for jewellery purposes.

  1. What is the difference between White Sapphire and Diamond?

Diamonds mainly form from a pure form of carbon. A White Pukhraj contains Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 and traces of iron, vanadium, chromium, etc. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone with 10 Mohs scale hardness. White Sapphires have a 9 Mohs scale hardness and are the second hardest gemstone after diamonds. Both work under Venus planet for luxury, safety, affluence, and divine bliss. avails a wide variety of certified Safed Pukhraj gemstones at affordable prices and offers!

  1. How crucial are clarity and cut when selecting a White Sapphire?

The fully transparent Safed Pukhraj is ideal for astrological purposes. A well-faceted white  Pukhraj has an aesthetically pleasing charm in jewellery. You can buy the safed Pukhraj of any shape for astrological and jewellery purposes.

  1. Why is there a variation in the Safed Pukhraj price?

The in-store or online Safed Pukhraj gemstone price varies according to quality and astrological efficacy. A high-quality and astrologically effective natural White Puhkraj is rare and highly desirable. Hence, it has more value than its lower variants.

  1. How can I ascertain the authenticity of a White Sapphire while buying?

Seek for reputed lab-certified white Pukhraj with proper documentation from a trusted dealer. Check its originality from a gemologist or astrologer. A white Sapphire will never break or get scratched easily due to its higher hardness. offers only certified and quality-assured original Safed Pukhraj.

  1. Is White Sapphire a good option for jewellery?

This gemstone is an affordable and astrological alternative to Diamonds due to its exact similarity, mesmerizing brilliance, durability, gorgeous appeal, superfine clarity, and pristine cuts. It is an economical option for engagement rings, wedding bands, zodiac sign jewellery, etc.

  1. What is the ideal carat weight to buy Safed Pukhraj gemstone?

The astrologers decide the right carat weight of Saded Pukhraj for your astrological requirements. On the other hand, you can select any carat of Safed Pukhraj for your jewellery needs.

  1. How do I check if the Safed Pukhraj suits me?

Consult with an experienced astrologer before wearing the Safed Pukhraj gemstone. If you haven’t consulted, observe if the energy of White Pukhraj imparts any admirable changes after wearing it. If you resonate with that energy, then that Safed Sapphire suits you.

Why Pramogh? 

Natural White Sapphire harmonizes emotions, life, and relations. It escalates success, logic, creativity, and higher consciousness.  As the White Sapphire gemstone bestseller brand, presents dazzling Safed Pukhraj gemstones-White Sapphire at economical rates, buying deals, discounts, complete astrological guidance, and prompt support. We are keen to serve the best-quality gemstones to everyone at budget-friendly prices.

Note:- In general, the Original White Sapphire - Safed Pukhraj stone price starts from INR 6900 ($82.82) to INR 41000 ($492.09) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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