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Catseye - Lasni Gemstone


The mystical Cats Eye stone is a potent reverer of strength, passion, vitality, and protection. It is known for its powers to nullify the malefic effects of Planet Ketu in Vedic astrology. Cats Eye is also known as Lehsunia stone, Vaidooryam, Sutramani, Vaiduria Ketu stone, etc. The charming Cats Eye gemstone is known for its ‘Chatoyancy effect’! According to folklore, the Cats Eye is a Cymophane, derived from the Greek words ‘kyma,’ meaning ‘wave,’ and ‘phanos,’ meaning ‘light.’ As a traditional gemstone brand, vows to share important information about the natural Cats Eye stone to make your selling process easier! 

How to Wear Cats Eye Stone?

  • Wear an original Cats eye stone that touches your skin to gain more potential energies throughout your aura.
  • While chanting the given mantra, put the Cats Eye gemstone in a mixture of raw milk, Gangajal, honey, and Tulsi leaves for purification and activation. Remove it from this holy mixture, wash it with Gangajal, and wear it!


Golden-yellow to greenish-brown /Honey Color. 


It varies for each individual according to the Horoscope.


Wear its ring on the ring Finger of the working hand.


Wear its pendant/ necklace touching your skin.




During purification and activation, chant the mantra ‘Om Ketave Namah’ (ॐ केतवे नमः) 108 times.

Zodiac Sign

Leo (Western astrology) and Pisces (Vedic astrology)

When to Wear Cats Eye Gemstone?

 Wear this gemstone from 5-7 am on a Tuesday of Poornima(Full Moon). One should ensure that the favored planetary positions of the Ketu planet are in the horoscope to get maximum blessings of the Cats eye gemstone!

Top Benefits Of Cats Eye Gemstone:

  • This stone helps in Ketu Dasha and protects from ill effects, psychic attacks, dangers, and losses.
  • It gives unexpected positive results, prosperity, and good luck.
  • It improves intuition, clarity of thought, perception, intellect, and logic.
  • It has potent healing powers to cure cancers,
  • It draws out our negativity and sadness to promote forgiveness and empathy.
  • It enhances focus, analytical abilities, logic, and cognitive abilities.
  • Its vibrant energies improve marital bliss and companionship. 
  • It activates and energies Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra) for strengthening vitality, finances, love, and health.
  • It detaches us from attractions for spiritual enlightenment.

Quality Insights Of Cats Eye Gemstone: 

Many varieties of Cats eye stones are available online with different quality parameters. Let’s see the ideal parameters to get an overall idea about this gemstone.  


Chrysoberyl/ Beryllium aluminum oxide (BeAl2O4)


golden-yellow to greenish-brown with an exceptional chatoyancy effect.


Oval shape with cabochon cut




8.5 to 9

Specific Gravity


Refractive Index

1.746 to 1.755.


It should be clear with a distinguishing cat's eye effect.


It varies according to the wearer’s astrological requirements.

Types Of Cats Eye Gemstones:

The Cats Eye stone belongs to the Chrysoberyl family of minerals with traces of iron and other impurities. According to GIA, Cats eye gemstones exhibit 3 varieties according to their color.

  • Chrysoberyl Cats Eye/ Cymophane:  It has a bright golden-yellow color due to Fe3+ impurities and a bright line twirling throughout it. 
  • Alexandrite Cats Eye: It is rare and has color-changing abilities with Cats eye effects.
  • Quartz Cats Eye: It is a type of green, gray, or yellow-colored Quartz that has Cats eye effects.
  • holds enthralling collections of gemstones with their certifications, quality, and price attributes. Have a glance at them also!

    Origin And Authenticity Of Cats Eye Gemstone:

    • Sources: The original Lehsuina gemstone originates in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia, and India.
    • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: A certified gemstone ensures its authenticity. You can also get a higher reselling value for a lab-certified stone.

    Popularity Of Cats Eye Jewellery:

    The mint green and honey-like hues make the Cats eye stone popular in men’s jewelry. It became more popular in the 19th century when the Duke of Connaught gave a Cats eye ring as an engagement token. Its Chatoyancy effect and spiritual importance add more to its worth in jewelry.

    Pricing Factors Of Cats Eye Stone:

    The price of Lehsunia gemstone varies according to its quality factors, such as:

  • Color: The rich yellowish-green Lehsunia stone is astrologically more potent and gains a higher value than a dull Lehsuina stone. 
  • Chatoyancy: The more distinct the Chatoyancy effect, the more the price of the Cats eye stone.
  • Carat: The Lehsunia stone with high carat weight commences high value.
  • Clarity: A Cats eye stone with minimal inclusions and a distinct chatoyant band has more price.
  • Treatments:  An untreated and raw Cats Eye stone costs more than a treated one due to its rarity, authentic astrological powers, and eye-glazing appeal!
  • Origin:  The Sri Lankan and Brazilian Cats Eye stone has more value for their rarity and high quality.
  • Care & Cleaning Tips For Cats Eye Stone:

    The Cats Eye gemstones are strong but need gentle care for longer sustainability. Follow the given tips to take care of a Lehusnia stone.

    • Clean the dirt on the gemstone with a soft cloth and put it in a soapy-warm water bowl.
    • Use a soft toothbrush to remove its stains. Pat dry it with a soft cloth.
    • Avoid exposure to extreme sunlight, harsh chemicals, or ultrasonic cleaners to avoid damage.
    • Store it separately in a velvety box away from sturdy and erosive metals to avoid scratches.

    FAQs Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone: 

    1. Is it worth buying a Cat’s eye stone for Ketu Mahadasha?

    One must buy a Cats eye stone to combat ill effects due to planet Ketu in the Planetary period. It protects from losses, trauma, accidents, and dangers in Ketu Mahadasha.

    1. Why should you buy a Lehusina stone?

    You should buy this gemstone because it brings the tranquility of serene joy while harmonizing our health, wealth, and relationships. It overcomes our past trauma with a strong shield against negativity and evil spirits.

    1. How crucial is the quality of a Cat’s eye stone while buying?

    A lab-certified original Cat’s eye stone with a yellowish-green color and vibrant chatoyancy effects is essential for astrological purposes. Buying a Lehsunia stone with mint-green to honey-like hues is coveted more in jewelry.

    1. How can you tell if Cat's Eye stone is original?

    One must know the authenticity of the Cat’s eye stone while buying it online or in-store. When we focus light on an original Cat’s eye stone, it will show a sharp band of milky white line passing through a honey-colored background. You can consult with a gemologist to ensure its authenticity.

    1. Which Chakras will get activated if I wear a Lehsunia stone?

    Once you buy and wear a Lehsunia stone under astrological instructions, it activates the Third Eye Chakra for high intuitions, the Throat Chakra for clear expression, the Solar Plexus Chakra for power, and the Root Chakra for stability and affluence. It activates the Sacral Chakra for innovative ideas, the Heart Chakra for healing trauma and dull emotions,  and the Crown Chakra connects spiritually.

    1. Can I buy the Cat’s Eye stone for my spouse?

    Yes, this is a popularly purchased stone for the 18th Wedding anniversary for flourishing love, commitment, and faith in marriage. Its brilliance and sharp central line make it a suitable anniversary gift for both husband and wife.

    1. Is the transparency of Lehsunia stone considered while buying?

    The natural Cats eye stone with a precise chatoyant band and clear appearance is more effective. Astrologers can suggest suitable Cat's eye stones for you.

    1. Which carat weight is ideal for me while buying Cat’s Stone?

    Ideally, this depends on one’s astrological requirements according to the Horoscope. You must consult an astrologer before you buy a Lehsuina stone of a specific carat weight. offers Original Lehsunia stones ranging from 3 to 10 carats.

    1. Which Cat’s eye stone should I buy?

    Chrosberyl Cat’s eye stone is astrologically effective. It brings luck, prosperity, protection, and divine guidance into life. Pramogh has a variety of authentic, astrologically curated, and natural Lehsunia stones.

    1. What makes the Cats eye a worthy stone?

    The original Cats eye stone brings serenity and prosperity to its wearer. It connects to earth, fire, and light elements. The earth element stabilizes its energy, the fire ignites passions, and the light element brings clarity. All these attributes make this gemstone more valuable in the astrological world.

    Why Pramogh? 

    An original Lehsunia stone has vast benefits in astrology for prosperity, abundance, good health, and spirituality. invites you to experience the mystical energies of the Cats Eye Gemstones for a better life with divine protection, harmony, luxury, and wisdom. Levitate your life with the wonders of Cat's eye!

    Note:-In general, the Original Cat's Eye stone price starts from INR 300 ($3.62) to INR 10,100 ($121.75) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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