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Srilankan Catseye Gemstone


The mystical Cats Eye gemstone is a potential purveyor of strength, vitality, passion, safety, prosperity, and divinity. Ctas Eye gemstone from Sri Lanka has the best physical and astrological qualities among its all origins. The divine energies of the Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone nullify the malefic effects of Planet Ketu in Vedic astrology. Sri Lankan Cats Eye is also known as Ceylon Lehsunia, Ceylonese Cats Eye, Vaidooryam, Sutramani, Vaiduria Ketu stone, etc. This gemstone has a unique light-refracting optical effect called the Chatoyancy effect. According to folklore, the Cats Eye is a Cymophane, derived from the Greek words ‘kyma,’ meaning ‘wave,’ and ‘phanos,’ meaning ‘light.’ As the Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone bestseller brand, promises to explain all crucial facts about the Ceylon Cats Eye gemstone price, quality features, types, etc. We sell high-quality Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstones at affordable prices with prompt astrological guidance! 

How to Wear Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstone?

  • Wear an original Sri Lankan Cats eye gemstone touching your skin to transcend its spiritual energies into your aura.
  • Dip the Ceylon Lehsunia gemstone in raw milk, Gangajal, honey, and Tulsi leaves for purification and activation. Remove it from this holy mixture, wash it with Gangajal, Chant the given Mantra, and wear it! 


Yellowish green to brownish yellow to golden yellow/Honey color with chatoyancy.


It varies for each individual according to the Horoscope.


Wear a Ceylon Cats Eye ring on the ring Finger of the working hand.


Wear a pendant/ necklace of Sri Lankan Lehsunia gemstone touching your skin.


Silver (recommended)


Chant the Ketu mantra ‘Om Ketave Namah’ (ॐ केतवे नमः) 108 times.

Zodiac Sign

Leo (Western astrology) and Pisces (Vedic astrology)

When to Wear Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstone:

Wear this gemstone from 5-7 am on a Tuesday of Poornima (Full Moon). One should ensure that the favored planetary positions of the Ketu planet are in the horoscope to get maximum blessings of the Ceylonese Lehsunia gemstone! You can take astrological consultations from the experienced astrologers of Pramogh for valuable insights when you buy Sri Lanka Cats Eye gemstone.

Top Benefits of Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstone:

  • This gemstone provides a shield in the planetary period of Ketu/Ketu Dasha against severe illnesses, accidents, psychic attacks, evil forces, dangers, and misfortune.
  • It incorporates extraordinary positive results, prosperity, unexpected income, and good luck.
  • It escalates focus, analytical thinking, cognitive abilities, communication, clarity of thoughts, perception, intellect, and logic.
    • It levitates new business opportunities, income sources, affluence, prosperity, and wealth.
    • It heals emotional trauma from past accidents, abuse and loss of loved ones, depression, anxiety, anger issues,  mental stress, etc.
    • It has potent healing powers to cure cancers, severe cellular disorders, and fatal illnesses.
    • It diminishes negativity, greed, grief, and sadness to promote forgiveness, generosity, kindness, and empathy.
    • Its vibrant energies improve marital bliss, love, passion, and companionship. 
    • It detaches us from attractions for spiritual enlightenment. It develops intuition and psychic insights.

        Quality Insights of Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstones: 

        Many Ceylon Lehsunia gemstone varieties are available in the market. The quality determines the Cats Eye gemstone price in Sri Lanka. Always seek the ideal quality parameters when you buy Ceylone Cats Eye gemstone online or in-store:  


        Chrysoberyl/ Beryllium aluminum oxide (BeAl2O4)


        Golden-yellow, brownish-yellow, or greenish-brown with an exceptional chatoyancy effect.


        Oval shape with cabochon cut


        It should be clear with a distinguishing cat's eye effect.


        It varies according to the wearer’s astrological requirements.




        8.5 to 9

        Specific Gravity


        Refractive Index

        1.746 to 1.755.


        Transparent to translucent.


        A bright band of white streaks across the center of the gemstone.

        Types of Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstones:

        The Ceylon Lehsunia gemstone is known for its high quality of chatoyancy. It belongs to the Chrysoberyl family of minerals with traces of iron and other impurities. The differentiation in quality determines the Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone price in Sri Lanka. According to GIA, Ceylon Cats eye gemstones exhibit 3 varieties according to their color.

        • Chrysoberyl Cats Eye/ Cymophane:  This variety has a bright golden-yellow color due to Fe3+ impurities and a bright line twirling throughout it. It mainly originates in the Ratnapura region of Sri Lanka. 
        • Alexandrite Cats Eye: This variety is rare and has color-changing abilities with Cats eye effects.
        • Cats Eye Apatite: This type of Cats Eye gemstone is transparent to translucent due to rutile or needle-like inclusions, has a bright contrast between body color and central eye in gemstone, 
        • Quartz Cats Eye: It is a type of green, gray, or yellow-colored Quartz that has Cats eye effects. It has rutile/needle-like inclusions.
        • Cats Eye Tourmaline: This gemstone is rare and expensive. It is elongated and has a chatoyant effect with a central silky line.

        Buy the enchanting Sri Lanka Cats Eye gemstone from at affordable prices. We also present charismatic collections of gemstones to serve your astrological and jewellery needs.

        Origin And Authenticity of Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstone:

        • Sources: The natural Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone originates in mining regions of  Nivitigala, Balangoda, and Ambilipitiya at the Ratnapura (City Of Gems), and Elahera area in central Sri Lanka.
        • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: Always buy a reputed laboratory-certified Cats Eye gemstone to reduce the chances of scam deals and ensure authenticity. Some people sell duped copies of this gemstone at lower prices. sells only high-quality, original, and authentic Ceylon Cats Eye gemstones certified by GIA, IGS, etc., at ideal prices.

        Sri Lankan Cats Eye Jewellery:

        Ceylon Lehsunia gemstone unveils untapped wisdom, reunites loving relations, and levitates confidence. The mint green and honey-like hues make this gemstone popular in unisex jewellery. There is a noteworthy surge in demand for Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone pendants and bracelets in men's jewellery. In the 19th century, the Duke of Connaught gifted a Cats eye ring as an engagement token. The Chatoyancy of this gemstone makes it unique. prominently sells the high-quality Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone at budget-friendly prices and exclusive discounts.

        Pricing Factors of Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstone:

        The Ceylon Cats Eye gemstone stands out for its unique features. The Cats Eye gemstone price in Sri Lanka varies according to its quality factors, such as:

        • Color: The rich yellowish-green color of Sri Lanka Cats Eye gemstone is astrologically more potent. Such types of Cats eye gemstones gain a higher value than dull Cats Eye gemstones. 
        • Chatoyancy: A chatoyant Ceylon Lehsunia gemstone with a visible and finer central band gains a higher price.
        • Carat: The Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone with high carat weight commences high value.
        • Clarity: A Ceylonese Cats Eye gemstone with minimal inclusions has more price.
        • Treatments:  An untreated Cats Eye gemstone in Sri Lanka costs more than a treated one due to its rarity and authentic astrological powers.
        • Origin:  The  Ratnapura region of Sri Lanka sources the best quality Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstones and has higher prices than their other origins.

        Care & Cleaning Tips for Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstones:

        The Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstones are hard. They need gentle care for longer sustainability. Follow these simple cleaning tips regularly after you buy the Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone:

        • Wipe the dirt on the Ceylonese Lehsunia gemstone with a soft cloth and put it in a soapy-warm water bowl.
        • Use a soft toothbrush to remove its stains. Pat dry it with a soft cloth.
        • Avoid exposure to extreme sunlight, harsh chemicals, or ultrasonic cleaners to avoid damage.
        • Store it separately in a velvety box away from sturdy and erosive metals to avoid scratches and damage.

        FAQs of Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstones: 

        1. Can I buy a Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone for healing Ketu Mahadasha?

        Sri Lanka Cats Eye gemstone is known for its high quality and efficient astrological powers. One must buy a Ceylon Cats eye gemstone to combat malefic effects due to planet Ketu in its planetary period (Ketu Mahadasha). It saves us from financial losses, misfortune, severe illnesses, trauma, accidents, and dangers during Ketu Mahadasha.

        1. Why should you buy a Ceylon Cats Eye gemstone?

        You should buy this gemstone for the tranquility of serene joy, harmony, rejuvenation of health, attracting wealth, and strengthening relationships. It overcomes our past trauma for emotional stability. It provides a protective shield against negativity, dangers, and evil spirits. Compare the quality with the Ceylon Cats Eye gemstone price for authenticity. 

        1. Which qualities should I check for Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone while buying?

        Check for a lab-certified, original, and authentic Sri Lankan Lehsuina gemstone with a yellowish-green color and vibrant chatoyancy effects. Such qualities are considered the best for astrological purposes. You can buy Ceylon Cats Eye gemstones of any carat weight with mint-green to golden-yellow honey-like hues for jewellery purposes.

        1. How do I ascertain the originality of the Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone?

        When we focus light on an original Cylonese Lehsunia gemstone, it must show a sharp band of milky white line passing through a honey-colored background. Consult with a trusted gemologist to ensure the authenticity of the Cats Eye gemstone price in Sri Lanka.

        1. Which Chakras will be activated if I wear a Ceyon Cats Eye gemstone?

        Always buy and wear the Cats Eye gemstone under astrological instructions. After wearing, this gemstone activates the Third Eye Chakra for clarity of thoughts and intuitions, the Throat Chakra for clear communication and self-expression, the Solar Plexus Chakra for strength, the Root Chakra for stability and prosperity, the Sacral Chakra for innovative thoughts, the Heart Chakra for healing traumatic emotions, and the Crown Chakra for higher consciousness.

        1. Can I buy the Cylonese Cats Eye gemstone for my spouse?

        Yes, this is a popular gemstone for the 18th Wedding anniversary for recalling the charisma of your love, commitment, and faith in marriage. Its charming brilliance and sharp central line make it a suitable anniversary gift for both husband and wife.

        1. Is the transparency of Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstone considered while buying?

        The natural Ceylon Lehsunia gemstone with an exquisite chatoyant effect and clear transparency are more effective for astrological uses. The higher the transparency, the more is worth of this gemstone. Astrologers can suggest suitable Cat's eye gemstones for you as per your Horoscope.

        1. What is the availability of Sri Lankan Cat's Eye gemstones?

        All kinds of Sri Lankan Cats Eye gemstones are available abundantly in gemstone and jewellery markets. But, Sri Lankan Cats eye gemstones with high clarity, carat weight, and distinct chatoyancy are rare and relatively expensive. 

        1. Which variety of Cat’s eye gemstone Sri Lanka should I buy?

        The Chrosberyl Cat’s eye gemstone is astrologically more potent. It attracts luck, fame, wealth, protection, and divine guidance in life. You can choose any variety of this gemstone for crafting jewellery. has a pristine variety of authentic, curated, and natural Ceylon Cats Eye gemstones.

        1. What makes the Ceylon Cats Eye gemstone a worthy gemstone?

        The original Ceylonese Lehsunia gemstone bestows stability, empathy, creativity, psychic insights, and prosperity. It connects to the earth, fire, and light elements. The earth element stabilizes the energy of this gemstone, the fire ignites passions, and the light element brings clarity. All these parameters make this gemstone more worthy in the astrological world.

        Why Pramogh? 

        An original Ceylon Lehsunia gemstone flourishes our lives with wealth, growth, success, abundance, good health, and divinity. Being the Ceylon Cats Eye gemstone bestseller brand, presents the Sri Lankan Cats Eye Gemstones at affordable prices, reputed lab certifications, astrological guidance, and winning offers!

        Note:- In general, the Original Srilankan Catseye stone price starts from INR 4000 ($48.12) to INR 10100 ($121.51) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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