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Amethyst- Jamunia Gemstone


The Amethyst gemstone allures gemstone gazers and jewellery enthusiasts for its supreme astrological powers and classy purple hues. This most valued variety of quartz gemstones imparts spiritual guidance, lets go of fear, and facilitates revitalization. Its name comes from ‘Amethystos’ (Greek word), which means intoxication. Amethyst gemstone is an elixir of detoxification, stability, and divinity. It is also known as The Gemstone of Mind, The Sobriety Gemstone, or Jamunia Stone in Hindi.  As a trusted online Amethyst Jmaunia gemstone selling brand, promises to explain the Amethyst gemstone price, quality, wearing process,  types, etc., so you can buy the perfect Amethyst gemstone at the best deal! 

How to Wear Amethyst Stone:

  • Wear an original Amethyst gemstone touching your skin to channel its potent vibrations into your Chakras.
  • Cleanse and activate the Jamuina gemstone in raw milk, honey, Gangajal, and Tulsi (Basil) leaves. Remove it from this holy mixture, wash it with Gangajal, chant the given Mantra for divine blessings, and wear it!


Light to deep purple

Carat Weight:

This weight varies with each individual’s birth chart.


Adorn the Amethyst ring on the middle finger of the working hand.


Wear the pendant or necklace of Jamuina gemstone touching your skin.


Silver metal is preferred.


Chant the mantra ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः” 108 times.

Zodiac Sign:

Aquarius (Vedic astrology) & Pisces (Western astrology).

When to Wear Amethyst Jamunia Stone?

Wear the Amethyst gemstone between 5-7 am on Saturday mornings during Shukla Paksha/waxing Moon phase. Adorn it at the time of the favorable planetary positions of Saturn in your birth chart. You can buy Amethyst online from and get a consultation from our experienced astrologers for more details.

Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone:

  • It aids headaches, insomnia, hormonal fluctuations, hearing disorders, inflammation, and joint pain.
  • It fights back malignant tumors like Osteosarcoma and balances cell regeneration. 
  • It heals bruising, respiratory disorders, skin conditions, and digestive disorders.
  • It is a natural tranquilizer that relieves stress, anger, rage, frustration, and strain for calmness.
  • It lets go of fears and phobias to dispel negativity and bestows courage.
  • It diminishes the addictions of alcohol, smoking, and substance abuse to keep the person sober and intoxicated. 
  • It protects us from harm, danger, negative energy, and accidents.
  • Under the blessing of Saturn, the Amethyst bestows financial stability and prosperity.
  • It connects us with the right people, friends, and clients. 
  • It stimulates intellect, creativity, imagination, and innovative capabilities.
  • It expands client efficiency in business and work. 
  • It enhances meditation practice to establish a connection with higher consciousness.
  • It activates the Crown Chakra for divine intuitions, psychic abilities, and spiritual upliftment.

Quality Factors Of Amethyst Stone:

The availability of Amethyst gemstones to buy online is vast, and it depends on their quality.  Its price varies according to the quality factors like cut, color, clarity, carat weight, origin, etc. Let’s see these factors quickly to get an overall idea about it.  


Silicon dioxide (SiO2)- a violet variety of quartz.


Reddish purple to deep purple without color zoning.


Faceted with oval, circle, or square shape.




Highly transparent


Splintery to Conchoidal


7 Mohs scale

Specific Gravity

2.36- 2.65

Refractive Index

1.54 – 1.55


Minimum or zero inclusions with distinct patterns.


This weight varies according to the wearer’s astrological requirements.

Different Types Of Amethyst Stone:

Amethyst gains violet color due to irradiations, iron impurities (Fe3+), transition metals, and trace elements, which result in its complex crystal lattice substitutions. Following are the types of Amethyst gemstones:

  • Bicolor Amethyst: This type of amethyst occurs with quartz, which forms due to lava. Its crystals form in the gas bubbles trapped inside lava. 
  • Rose De France Amethyst: This hexagonal structured and naturally irradiated Amethyst is lilac purple due to iron and aluminum deposits in silicon dioxide. 
  • Green Amethyst: It is a green variety of Quartz with amethyst and has a pastel to deep forest green color. It is also known as Vermarine, Lime citrine, etc.
  • Brazilian Amethyst: This rare type has the best quality deep purple color with red and blue undertones.
  • African Amethyst: This type has light to deep purple shades and has more inclusions than Brazilian amethyst.
  • Synthetic Amethyst: Its crystals are grown inside a high-pressure autoclave in labs (hydrothermal growth method), where its colors fade to green on heat exposure.

Amethyst is the astrological substitute for Blue Sapphire gemstone. To see more options, explore our phenomenal collections of gemstones with guided support and consultation from our experienced astrologers.

Origin and Authenticity of Amethyst Stone:

  • Sources: The best quality Amethyst gemstone is from Marabá and Pau d'Arco, Pará, and the Paraná Basin, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil; Bolivia, Zambia, Uruguay, and Ontario. Its secondary sources are Africa, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Afghanistan, South Korea, Mexico, and the United States.
  • Gemstone Certification’s Importance: Always buy the reputed laboratory-certified natural Jamunia gemstone from trusted gemstone sellers to avoid scam deals and to get a higher reselling value. 

Amethyst Gemstone Jewellery:

The popularity of Amethyst gemstone has risen due to its astrological importance and eye-catching purple hues. The Pops and Bishops from Europe’s church used it in gold rings. Renowned Saint Valentine wore an Amethyst crystal ring carved with the image of Cupid. In the Middle Ages, Amethyst served English royalty and regalia.

’Empress of Uruguay’ is the biggest Amethyst ever found in 2007 in the Artigas department, Uruguay. It was 11 feet tall and weighed as much as a car. Amethyst was one of the cardinal gems (one of the five gemstones considered precious above all others) till the 18th century. Tibetans serve it as a sacred gemstone to lord Budhha. is the bestseller supplier of loose Amethyst gemstones for crafting gorgeous jewellery!

Pricing Insights Of Amethyst Gemstone:

The natural amethyst stone price determines its efficacy and worth for astrological and ornamental purposes. Amethyst gemstone price varies according to its quality factors, such as:

  • Color: An amethyst having a deep purple color and red or blue overtone without any color zoning is of good quality and gains high value.
  • Cut: A well-faceted Amethyst gemstone is more valuable than its raw form as it reflects sharp purple brilliance and looks classic in rings and pendants.
  • Clarity: The Jamunia gemstone price increases with its clarity. The fewer the inclusions, the more the value of the Amethyst gemstone. Naturally, it comes in type 2 grading of clarity.
  • Treatments: Untreated and natural Amethyst stone’s original price is higher than a treated Amethyst.
  • Carat Weight: An original and well-faceted amethyst with high weight is costlier than a raw one.
  • Origin:  Deep Purple colored Brazilian Amethyst is the costliest. Uruguayan and African Amethyst gemstones also have a fair value in the gemstone market.

Care & Cleaning Of Amethyst Stone:

The Amethyst gemstone has higher hardness and is the least reactive to chemicals. When you buy amethyst online or in-store, follow these easy tips to sustain your beautiful amethyst jewellery for a longer duration:

  • Clean the dirt on the Amethyst gemstone using a soft cloth and mild soapy water.
  • Pat it dry with a lint-free cloth and wear it again.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals, longer sunlight exposure, high heat, and ultrasonic cleaners to preserve its brilliance.
  • Store it separately in a velvety box to avoid scratches and damage.
  • Always set the amethyst gemstone in a bezel or prong type of ring base to fix it firmly.

FAQs Of Amethyst Stones: 

  1. Why should we buy Amethyst gemstones?

One should buy the original amethyst gemstone for divine guidance, protection, bliss, and growth!  The Saturn planet rules the Amethyst gemstone, and this gemstone brings discipline, new opportunities, and honesty into our lives.

  1. Can I buy Jamuina gemstone for my spouse?

You can gift the original Jamunia gemstone crafted in an elegant pendant, ring, or bracelet on your 6th and 17th wedding anniversary to symbolize your strong bond of marriage, love, trust, and commitment. You can buy the Amethyst gemstone online from with the best deal and proper guidance!

  1. Which Jamunia gemstone is best for me?

An original, inclusion-free, deep purple Jamunia gemstone is excellent for astrological purposes. Your astrologer can guide you in selecting the suitable Amethyst gemstone. You can buy amethyst gemstones of vibrant purple shades for crafting in jewellery.

  1. Which color of Amethyst gemstone is ideal for me for astrological use?

A deep purple-colored natural amethyst gemstone with reddish or bluish overtones is suitable for astrological use. It varies from person to person. Hence, consult an astrologer while finalizing the color of the Amethyst gemstone. We can help you to buy amethyst online with proper astrological guidance!

  1. How crucial are clarity and shape when selecting an Amethyst gemstone?

The eye-clear and bright natural Amethyst gemstone is perfect for astrological purposes.  A well-shaped Jamuina gemstone with sharp facets has aesthetically alluring charm and brilliance in jewellery.

  1. Why is there a variation in the Jamunia Stone price?

The natural amethyst gemstone price varies according to its quality, as it also affects the astrological powers of the gemstone. Natural and flawless Jamunia gemstone with prominent divine effects costs more than others. The amethyst gemstone’s original price determines its worth, influence in astrology, etc. 

     7. What is the suitable carat weight of the Amethyst gemstone for me?

The carat weight depends on your birth chart. The higher the carat weight, the higher the price of Amethyst. You must consult with an experienced astrologer and consider your budget according to it. As an online bestseller brand, offers original Amethyst gemstones starting from 3 carats.

    8. Why are the prices of Amethyst gemstones significant?

The rarity to find, sparkling brilliance, deep purple color with red or blue overtones, absolute clarity, and vast astrological benefits tend to seek significantly high prices for natural Amethyst gemstones. You can buy an original Amethyst gemstone online from us with guided astrological support.

    9. Who can wear an Amethyst gemstone?

As per Western astrology, February-born people and Piscean (Pisces sign) can buy this gemstone for Calmness, intellect, affluence, rejuvenation, and divinity. Under the guidance of Saturn, people of the Aquarius sign can buy this gemstone as per Vedic astrology.

   10. How do I check if the Amethyst gemstone suits me?

Buy an Amethyst gemstone online or in-store from a reputed dealer. Consult with an experienced astrologer before wearing the natural Amethyst gemstone. If you haven’t consulted, observe if the energy of this gemstone imparts any worthy changes after wearing it. If you resonate with that energy, then that Amethyst gemstone suits you.

Why Pramogh? 

Natural Jamunia gemstone bestows a strong divine influence on one’s aura. Pramogh offers authentic and certified Amethyst gemstones with complete astrological guidance. As a traditional gemstone brand, Pramogh invites you to get insights into the Amethyst-Jamunia Gemstone. We provide the best quality gemstones at budget-friendly prices, with dedicated astrological guidance, quick delivery, and  Astro consultations from our experienced astrologers and reiki healers. 

Note:- In general, the Original Amethyst - Jamunia stone price starts from INR 500 ($6.02) to INR 700 ($8.43) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.


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